Year 2019 in focus

Dear friends,

In a few hours depending on where you are, by the time you read this, it will already be 2020 to some, there will be several hours to go.

So before we get going with this post, thank you all who read this blog and sometimes comment on my many ramblings. You have all in your own ways made this blog a great gateway from the pressures of life. I noticed that if the people in the US of A stopped reading this blog, it would be such a lonely site. The stats show that you outnumbered all the other readers from the rest of the world combined. There were readers from countries I can’t locate on a map. Hi five to that guy from Latvia and Malta.

One of the best books I have read this year have been by Okot P’Bitek. His criticism of Christianity is beautiful. I fell in love with him.

Then I read Odera Oruka and I loved his contribution to the problem of evil. His argument that in omnibenevolence, omnipotence and omniscience can be inferred seems to be quite novel. He responds to both Platinga and White(I think) and concludes that given the problem of evil, it is more likely that atheism is true and theism false.

I read waiting for Godot and a host of other interesting books.

For some reason that I am yet to discern, the post on sex seems to have attracted a lot of views. Maybe the universe is telling me to write more on sex, who knows😀.

Our economy has been on a nosedive. And the building industry suffers as a consequence which is not fun for those of us directly involved.

Now with my master’s degree complete, i will in the new year begin a PhD in urban studies. That means some 3 years of study😭. Hopefully I get a scholarship to cover for my studies.

I did not ride as much in 2019 and since I don’t exercise much I look like a small elephant. Or rather, I am a small elephant 😀.

Happy 2020 friends. You have all been great.