Against demolitions

The government of Kenya and many of its agencies have been demolishing houses they claim were built on reserves or on public land. Others to be brought down, they claim were built sans the requisite approvals.

It takes anything from 90 to 180 days to get a development approval from the Nairobi City government. Who has all the time to wait for a government unable to act in its best interest? If I put up a development without necessary approvals after making an application for the same, I don’t think it is right to demolish my structure. It makes no sense. There should be cures such regularisation and some other measures.

Suppose someone has built on public land, I think demolition is again madness. Acquire the building & use it for the purposes that land was allocated, if this is possible or put it up for public use. Those who build on road reserves, school land, hospital land, these I have little sympathy.

Finally, there are buildings on riparian areas. If a plot of land abuts a river, lake or ocean, I think one should build in a such a manner that they don’t grossly affect the micro-ecosystem. Their structures should not block access for members of the public to such commons.

Government agencies, developers and other stakeholders directly affected by these developments should have consultative meetings before development takes place to sort out any possible planning challenges than to wait until later then demolish buildings in the wee hours of the morning or night as the case may be.

On the senses

What do you think of Nietzsche’s argument that the senses do not lie, but rather what we make of their testimony, that alone introduces lies. In short, reason( judgement) is the cause of our falsification of the testimony of the senses.

He agrees with Heraclitus that the “apparent” world is the only one: the “true” world is merely added by a lie.