On the senses

What do you think of Nietzsche’s argument that the senses do not lie, but rather what we make of their testimony, that alone introduces lies. In short, reason( judgement) is the cause of our falsification of the testimony of the senses.

He agrees with Heraclitus that the “apparent” world is the only one: the “true” world is merely added by a lie.

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30 thoughts on “On the senses

  1. maryplumbago says:

    Maybe yes…perception produces the lie.
    They eyes pick up light waves and spectrums of light and the ears pick up sound waves. All this goes to the brain through the optic nerve and the ear drum and then the magic begins. The senses sets the stage and the brain produces the play.

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  2. john zande says:

    Reality proceeds at the speed of light, yet we can only process it at our biological (neural) speed limit. It will forever be unreachable, so Heraclitus is right.

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  3. jim- says:

    We certainly can be persuaded and indoctrinated to see reality for what it isn’t. It’s important to be proactive in our reading choices to input a variety of opinions lest we become victims of our own passions.


  4. Nietzsche is correct that we humans struggle to understand the information provided by our senses and other sources. However, it is both absurd and arrogant to assert that only our subjective perception matters, and that objective reality must not exist simply because it is difficult for us to understand.

    That attitude is no different than a creationist who flippantly rejects the geologic age of the Earth and biologic evolution. To them, even verifiable evidence must be discarded to preserve their preconceived beliefs.

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  5. judyt54 says:

    perception matters, but only to the person behind the perception machine. In a way it’s like wearing those goggles people use for some computer games now, and to them, what they see in them is utterly real, although for those of us watching, they would appear to be possessed by elves or hives.
    Everyone has their own perception of their senses, and what is sweet to one is bitter to another.
    Maybe the secret is to understand this, and not insist (as a friend does when she’s serving me succotash) that “I love it, so you will too.” no, dear, I won’t. Get that bowl outta my face.

    Small children do this as a matter of course. They cover their eyes and say, “you can’t see me” and mean it. They have yet to learn that their input is not everyone’s, and some of them never do. Some of them grow up to be President.

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    • maryplumbago says:

      I do believe in an ultimate reality, but sometimes knowing it completely is impossible in some instances. Because it is the perception of the individual and this perception is how the brain interprets all the input from the 5 senses coordinated with memories, repetitive patterns of behavior and specific cognitive abilities. And it happens in a flash.

      We truly live inside our heads. But most of what we are living and “seeing” is reality, as it is.

      But the more intellectual and cognitive thoughts are influenced more by the perception of memories, feelings and experiences after the initial senses are activated.


      • judyt54 says:

        and so, basically, what we see is real, but how we perceive it is colored by our own past, present, likes and dislikes.
        I don’t see how it can be any other way.

        A blind person who is suddenly sighted after a lifetime of darkness has utterly no preconceived notion of visual beauty, of facial expressions, of what laughter looks like, or a frown. The natural world is completely open to her, and she sees it with no preconceptions. I wonder what that does to her, it must be both joyous and frightening at the same time…

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        • maryplumbago says:

          Yes it’s colored by all that and past perceptions and biases


        • makagutu says:

          Frightening I would think or confusing.
          I think, Barry who comments here many times do have a problem with reading facial expressions (?)& He ain’t just suddenly got sight.

          Your first paragraph captures the essence of this post perfectly!


      • makagutu says:

        Schopenhauer put it this way and I paraphrase, the world of experience is our idea. The real world- thing in itself- is not and cannot be known to us


    • makagutu says:

      I remember I would tell my small sister to close her eyes when she would complain people were looking at her. If she can’t see them, they can’t see her. Problem solved.


    • Nan says:

      Yowsa! You nailed it on that last paragraph!!


  6. maryplumbago says:

    Lo and behold..
    Just checked another blog I follow here on WordPress and this appeared.



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