This is a case of bad journalism

When these two insist the Country has gone to the dogs because the church, which apparently is the custodian of morality, is sleeping on the job. Can you imagine that! The population census show that the country has a religious population of more than 98%. Are they just nominally religious? I thought it is the people that make the church?

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15 thoughts on “This is a case of bad journalism

  1. Arkenaten says:

    Seriously, these religious berks are all the same. They just prattle on in meaningless drivel.

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    • makagutu says:

      He says we are born bad and must be good. Whose fault is it?


      • Arkenaten says:

        Eve’s, obviously.


      • basenjibrian says:

        Mustapha (1609)
        If Nature did not take delight in blood,
        She would have made more easy ways to good.
        We that are bound by vows and by promotion,
        With pomp of holy sacrifice and rites,
        To teach belief in good and still devotion,
        To preach of heaven’s wonders and delights โ€”
        Yet, when each of us in his own heart looks,
        He finds the God there far unlike his books. Chorus of Priests.

        Oh wearisome Condition of Humanity!
        Born under one law, to another bound:
        Vainly begot and yet forbidden vanity,
        Created sick, commanded to be sound:
        What meaneth Nature by these diverse laws?
        Passion and reason, self-division cause.
        Is it the mark, or Majesty of Power
        To make offences that it may forgive? Chorus Sacerdotum.

        Fulke Greville, First Baron Brooke.

        Amazing that this poem was written in 1609 by a (professed) Christian! Hitchens used the line “Created Sick, Commanded to be well” quite frequently, I understand?

        In a nutshell, this is why I find the Christian theology not only unconvincing but outright repellant. GOD created SIN. Being all knowing, all seeing, all powerful:

        To quote Deathspell Omega:

        One may argue that it was flawed
        since the beginning
        that the dice were loaded
        that God had it all within
        that He is the Source.
        O heavenly Father!
        pathogenic agent of contamination.
        harbringer of catastrophe,
        icon of the impending Fall:


        • makagutu says:

          The dice was loaded from the go. It’s amazing the people who say we must be holy forget that their book or their preachers insist all of us after Adam are created with a flaw


          • basenjibrian says:

            Given the omniscience of God, did he not know before He even created us that we would “sin”? If so, sin is woven in the very fabric of the universe.

            Not to geek out, but that is the thesis of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Legendarium. The “devil’s” (Morgoth) disharmony is inherent at the atomic level in the universe, and only utter destruction and recreation will purge the universe.

            “He is the Source” of sin. So should we, who have to live with the consequences of a fallen universe, not demand GOD beg our forgiveness?

            Christianity is just so damn…logically flawed. Despite the thousands of years of “deep thinkers” far smarter than I, they seem to ignore this fundamental question. And given a three omnis deity, “free will” explains nothing.


            • makagutu says:

              โ€œHe is the Sourceโ€ of sin. So should we, who have to live with the consequences of a fallen universe, not demand GOD beg our forgiveness?

              If there is an omi god, it owes an explanation and an apology


  2. renudepride says:

    Supposedly, it is the people who make the church. But as happens too many times, when the people go one way, the religious leaders too often decree their objection and judge the people wrong! ๐Ÿ™‚ Naked hugs!


  3. jilldennison says:

    Religion … likely to be the downfall of the human species!

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