Why has Africa been relatively unable to grow food?

I saw this question on quora and I didn’t read the answers given but I know a thing or two.

1. Colonial legacy- many African countries produce cash crops for export formerly to their former colonial masters. This means 60 years after independence we are still here convinced that we shall earn foreign exchange if we grow tea for export instead of maize and or other food products. I mean it makes dollar sense to plant what the monied need.

2. Trade agreements- if Burkina Faso were to produce enough food, the US would stop buying their cotton. montesato will not find a market to sell us their seeds that would destroy farms and all.

3. Intellectual property rights- I don’t need to say much here.

4. Cost of equipment- tied to the 1st point

Here and here are a few pointers to what I mean by the colonial legacy.