For laughs

In these times of crisis when we are faced with challenges we have never prepared for, having a laugh will surely help us get through.

Declare us essential services, that’s the petition of these pastors to the county government. And we all know how this might end.

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26 thoughts on “For laughs

  1. john zande says:

    Great opportunity to request detailed proof of their claims, prayers answers, etc.

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  2. wuodflora says:

    Not sure what’s up can’t get the link


  3. maryplumbago says:

    I canโ€™t get the link either. Can you repost it in a different way

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  4. judyt54 says:

    This: “Pastor Collins David warned that it was wrong to let people suffer at home in the night in fear of the curfew. ”

    My question: unless your rules are different from our rules, why should people ‘at home in the night’ be afraid of the curfew? Am I missing something in this?

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  5. shelldigger says:

    Im pretty sure a Fla. gov has done that here. I wasn’t laughing.

    I still don’t think it’s funny. Except for the part that they are all morons, but even that is more sad than funny. If it’s funny at all it is because they think there’s an actual magicical invisible friend that will keep them immune.

    That’s funny ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    • makagutu says:

      I find it funny that they think their services are essential. I mean, that’s just funny.

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    • basenjibrian says:

      Not only is it not funny, large congregations are a petri dish for infection. One of the few times I almost…almost…sympathize with the Soviet oppression is their harassment of the wacky fundamentalist Ukrainian/Slavic Pentecostal churches. Nasty folks. And sure enough, one of the churches in the Sacramento region is the source for one of the largest COVID infections. They will not stop gathering in (infectious) groups.


  6. If they gathered in churches and only infected themselves and others I’d say, “Let ’em gather!” However, they will spread it to everyone else, too. So, they are just dang-blasted idijits to be doing this!

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  7. I heard the other day that faith healers don’t seem to be showing up to cure the virus. At this time, they should be out in droves, right in their prime!

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  8. Indoctrinating the populace is “essential” from their twisted point of view because their whole way of life, such as it is, would otherwise fade away with time. Isn’t that astonishing? I mean, their devotion to a mythical ideology supersedes everything else… even reality and their own humanity! In my opinion, that is the epitome of derangement.


  9. Ron says:

    Jesus promised his followers they would receive anything they asked for is his name, so these pastors are obviously not true men of faith.


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