Racism in the times of Covid19

There are reports coming out of China that there is xenophobia against Africans in many of its cities. The Chinese ambassador to Kenya claims those who were discriminated against were not observing social distancing rules & no Kenyan was involved. I am wondering if these racist officials were walking around determining who were Kenyans so they could treat them differently.

It’s not like the virus originated from our shores! With so many Chinese nationals everywhere in Africa, I think it is really stupid for states or provinces to allow racial profiling to go on, especially now.

The AU must demand that the Chinese government addresses this matter. African nations should also evacuate their nationals from China.

Such a strange world we live in!

In more interesting news, I have seen an article about a zonkey being birthed somewhere in Kenya. I think a zebra and a donkey decided to try it out.

About makagutu

As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

32 thoughts on “Racism in the times of Covid19

  1. john zande says:

    The idiots were killing dogs and cats en masse, too.

    I hate stupid.

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  2. Thekpadobi says:

    It’s not even strange. It’s stupid. Why pick on another person for something you caused? They’re encouraging the African stigma that it’s a continent of dirt and viral diseases like these,when in reality the major disease is hunger.


  3. And Chinese people are being beaten up and their children were being shunned at schools in the UK because Trump said it waas China’s fault. Sheesh, humans are a horror, so many lack empathy. I heard they’re stopping the filthy markets where the animal were being kept in horrendous conditions before being ate, but it’s all very’ locking the stable door after the horse has bolted’. Mother Nature is real pissed off, and she has a right to be. Stay safe dear Mak x

    – Esme sending love from upon the Cloud

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    • makagutu says:

      Hello Esme,

      What I saw is the markets are open but they have barricades so customers buy from across the barricade.
      Humans have capacity for horror and any small thing can provide a trigger for this madness to flourish.

      Stay safe my friend

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  4. Ron says:

    Looks like they need some diversity training. We’ll have to send over some C19-furloughed SJW activists to straighten this thing out.


  5. It’s idiotic!
    We live among First Nations, East Indians, Caucasians, Asians, a few Africans, mixed marriages, & multi race children…..we don’t have any racial issues here that I’ve ever seen.


  6. mcharles mcharles says:

    God Respects Those Who Respect themselves …

    Of recent almost all Africans are awaken and all out against China.
    What Crime did China commit?
    Nigeria, Guinea, Ghana, Kenya even South Africa and others have reacted offensively.
    But to be honest, China has not done worse than what Africans do against fellow Africans. What blacks do against blacks!
    Nigerians kill Nigerians. South Africans kill Africans. Ghanaians kill Nigerians. Ivorians kill Nigerians. Brother killing brother.
    China has not done worse to warrant this African offensive!
    If Africans truly want to be respected outside Africa, there are conditions that must be met.
    1. Blacks should accommodate fellow blacks.
    2. Blacks should support fellow blacks.
    3. Blacks should unite.
    4. Blacks should be self reliant, economically and politically.
    5.Blacks should love their home countries more and stay there more.
    6. African leaders should stop banking and hospitalizing outside Africa. As they make their beds so they should lie on them!
    China is not to blame!



    • makagutu says:

      Do you think I don’t know that Africans kill other Africans? Is that reason for Chinese authorities to be racist against Africans?


      • mcharles mcharles says:

        Killing you said not racism.
        I am African. It beats my imagination that the corner stone has been and kept being rejected by the builders. Who are the builders? The leaders of Africa!


      • mcharles mcharles says:

        Killing you said not racism. I am African with no regrets. But it beats my imagination that the corner stone had been and still being rejected by the builders. Who are the builders?
        The African leader of course!


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