I don’t watch a lot of television & mostly it is restricted to movies or cartoons of one sort or another and sometimes music. I hardly ever buy newspapers so it means I am hardly inundated with ads. But I know this is not so for many people.

The question then is, do we need advertising? Would the world be any poorer if advertising was to be outlawed or whatever you call it?

I, for one, think we can do without ads. Most often than not, they create a need where there was none.

I know one response to my objection above is to not let oneself be persuaded to buy or do what you didn’t plan. It’s a good one, I admit and works for me 98% of the time. But it must be said that if ads didn’t work, companies wouldn’t spend millions of their revenue in them.

Ads just like a new religion are things if you ask a society can as well do without and function optimally.

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54 thoughts on “Ads

  1. Nan says:

    All I can say is — Don’t Get Me Started on the Medical Prescription Ads!!!!

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  2. Ads are a mixed bag. When done right, they let people know that a product is available at a certain price. When done poorly, they manipulate people into transactions that they might not fully understand. Worse, the people who do it poorly do as much as they can to make it seem like they’re doing it right.

    I think truth in advertising needs to be the way to go. Advertising a price needs to mean a product is available at that price to everyone who sees the ad. Advertising trial periods and refunds need to mean just that, not an excuse to rope someone into a recurring transaction.


    • makagutu says:

      Problem is that most ads are not done right and usually it’s not just about information but persuasion to buy this one product that will make you happy


  3. I hate ads, & will mute them on tv. Our store flyers with sales are sufficient for me to see what’s on sale.
    Drug ads are just plain wrong. If you need something, your doctor is quite capable of prescribing things without tv ads to tell you to tell him/her to do it.

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  4. john zande says:

    Ads pay for most of the content.


  5. wuodflora says:

    Maybe, maybe not, it’s the ads that keep the stations running, they are the major funders. We run a TV n if they stop all our employees will go home


  6. I think ads have a purpose, to let people know about products and services. If we outlaw them, then we’d have to define what an ad is. Would a company website count?

    That said, I run an ad-blocker because too many websites let the advertisers turn their site into an unusable mess. I’m okay with some ads for free content, but there needs to be a happy medium.

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    • Nan says:

      I’m with you. I’m willing to turn off my ad-blocker if requested. Interestingly, much of the time, even after I’ve turned it off, the ads don’t show anyway.

      What makes me REALLY angry are these news sources that “allow” you to read their content for a limited number of times each month and then close you down unless you pay. I DON’T WANT to read your damn news site … I just want to read a particular article that has been referenced elsewhere! Grrrr!

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      • basenjibrian says:

        Yeah. That is a clumsy approach. They should use micropayments through paypal or similar (Although I detest that smug libertoonian tool Peter Thiel).

        I do contribute monthly to one essay site, Aeon Magazine, which I find interesting even if I disagree with some of the essays and articles. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      • makagutu says:

        I just want to read a particular article that has been referenced elsewhere!

        You and me together

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    • makagutu says:

      There is an argument that generally a product that needs an ad most likely is not essential or you can do without. A company website even if it had ads would not in my view be problematic.

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    • basenjibrian says:

      There have always been “ads”. In the good ol’ days, the ads were the vendors competing to shout the most colorful descriptions of their products on the street corners. Or through art. Religious art was ADVERTISING for the Catholic Church! Advertising is an inevitable part of human commerce. We have just become too…sophisticated…about it.

      The only way to get rid of advertising is to move to a glorious Socialist Theocracy a la the Khmer Rouge. No advertising was necessary when you “work for soldiers ’til you starve, for a bowl of rice a day” If the Commissar and Propaganda Officer for the Third Sector likes you, you eat! The Party and the Plan decide for you what your needs really are! Glory to the Fifteenth International! All Praise Party Secretary Makagatu and his service to the working class!

      THERE….I have solved the advertising problem. The Answer, as always, is The Revolution!


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