they hate our freedoms and democracy

that’s what Americans have been convinced to say of the countries their government rains bombs on.

Maybe Lyndon Johnson was right about how the US government thinks about democracy in other nations when in ’64 he told the Greek ambassador

“Fuck your Parliament and your Constitution. America is an elephant, Cyprus is a flea. If these two fleas continue itching the elephant, they may just get whacked by the elephant’s trunk, whacked good. We pay a lot of good American dollars to the Greeks, Mr. Ambassador. If your prime minister gives me talk about democracy, Parliament and Constitution, he, his Parliament and his Constitution may not last very long.”

It was  not long before Greece were shown what the elephant could do and for that they had a military junta till 74 as punishment I guess.

But maybe democracy is just easy to shout about not living it.

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

28 thoughts on “they hate our freedoms and democracy

  1. Swarn Gill says:

    I agree that the U.S. always thinks that they are on the moral high ground and thus their democracy is better than the rest. There is amazing hubris here for a country built on genocide.

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  2. We constantly hear how much better they are than everyone else, & it’s just soooooo old!


  3. basenjibrian says:

    Heck. I AM an American and I find the “We’re Number 1” nonsense nauseating. I don’t like group pride in general, to be honest. It’s my misanthropy I guess. The only place where I find a bit of patriotic bile is when being lectured by Europeans. A continent where true fascists are now in power (making Trump look like a wannabe) and with a very dark history. Heck, they are a source of our racism and classism. (Not claiming many modern European systems do not have advantages, Just watch the lectures, people. We may have Trump and the Republican Party, you have Poland and Hungary and Marie Le Pen gets a majority of the vote in many places!


  4. Ron says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Greeks invent the concept of bringing democracy to other nations via conquest? What goes around comes around — eventually.


  5. jilldennison says:

    The U.S. is an arrogant bully, and any semblance of democracy has been demolished in the past 3 years. R.I.P. United States … too bad you didn’t appreciate what you had.


    • basenjibrian says:

      I guess my main point of disagreement is “Same as it ever was”. the settlement of the west, slavery, Mexican American War (at least partly caused by the HEROIC TEXANS disdain for Mexico’s banning slavery) Spanish American War, Phillipines. Not to forget the Sainted Peanut Famer’s Afghanistan Adventures! Or the Peace Prize President’s utter murderous destabilizing of North Africa with the attack on Lbya (and Obama greenlighted the Yemeni Crime Against Humanity.)

      I despise Trump. But to a certain extent he is more of the same, just ruder and cruder and more obvious about it all. 😦

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      • jilldennison says:

        Well, you do make some good points, and I have often pointed out that the U.S. has had many moments to be ashamed of. But, in fairness, we have done some good things, as well. I think that Trump is the worst in the short history of the nation because he is a ‘man’ without conscience. He would kill without blinking if it benefited him. He seems to be on a mission to destroy the environment, and to turn the U.S. over to the religious fanatics. Four more years and there will be no United States, only a Kingdom of Trump.


        • basenjibrian says:

          I agree with your description of Trump and his mindless id. (There may be worse, though. I honestly think Andrew Johnson set the United States back 100 years. He basically turned the Union victory into the triumph of the unrepentant South-for 100 years! Horrible, horrible man. ot a fan of Calvin Coolidge, either. Or to me one of the more pernicious presidents was Woodrow Wilson. So many bad apples to choose from. So many.)


          • makagutu says:

            So many.
            I think your country has no shortage of bad apples. Especially on the war front- they have a knack for inventing fictions to justify war


          • jilldennison says:

            While no president will or can ever make perfect decisions, for they will always lack perfect information on which to base those decisions, I think the most important thing is intent, purpose. In the case of most presidents, at least those in my 68-year lifetime, they have tried to use information combined with judgment to make the best decisions for the nation as a whole and the people within it. However, with Trump, there isn’t even any pretense … his interest is self-interest, and even though over 90,000 of us have died as a result of his bungling, he shows zero remorse. His only concern at the moment is cementing his own power through winning November’s election at all costs … to us, that is.


  6. renudepride says:

    Democracy – if it indeed exists – is always easy to shout about but rarely is it ever truly practiced. Naked hugs! 😉


  7. Johnson’s a good ole boy from Texas. This is pretty tame behavior from him. I’ve heard other rumors about him that are pretty wild. That kind of behavior is also what was needed to pass the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act. Doesn’t make it right.

    The Cold War was a giant mess, itself the offspring of failed attempts at peace going back as far as the French Revolution. The whole “they hate us” thing strikes a nerve with Americans because it was successful to convince people to support two world wars. Ever since then, there’s been this worry that someone somewhere might be wanting to break things on a global scale. Once again, this isn’t always true, but Nazis and Imperial Japan always get paraded around whenever someone says war is getting old.


    • makagutu says:

      And they forget to tell us that Japan was provoked to attack the US and Hitler offered a peace truce as early as ’41. But war makes money and who would want to avoid fighting a big war?


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