Why do bicyclists insist on riding recreationally on roadways, risking their lives, when they could just as easily ride trails?

So here I was taking a walk through the Internet and found this question on quora. I guess this was asked by some one who thinks only cars have rights to public roads. I don’t even think it deserves a response.

Biking is a legitimate means of transport. Cyclists pay taxes that are used to build and maintain roads. Many times, cycling is efficient and quick way to get around. And if most drivers were not assholes, cycling would be the preferred option to get around.

And were asshole drivers like the one who asked this question more careful, cyclists would not be at risk.

Whereas some cyclists own cars, others don’t. To get to the trails, how would those without cars get there? Carry their bikes on their shoulders? Hire a cab?

Maybe assholes should not be on quora.

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41 thoughts on “Why do bicyclists insist on riding recreationally on roadways, risking their lives, when they could just as easily ride trails?

  1. Ron says:

    Wait! I thought Quora contributions were restricted to the opinions of experienced ashholes?

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    • makagutu says:

      That’s what I thought too.
      I mean if they bothered to check the statutes of the places they live in they would be better informed.

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      • Ron says:

        That’s because conducting research and exercising due diligence and lending informed opinions have become passé. Jumping into the fray with a misinformed opinion is now the new norm..

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  2. Why do internet users insist on using quora recreationally, risking their time, when they could just as easily not?

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  3. jim- says:

    Mirror taps do stimulate the adrenaline about as well as anything. Stay safe, nobody is really looking out for you.

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  4. Something tells me the person asking the question ran late one morning because of having to give way to a cyclist. Still, where I live, drivers are required to understand that cyclists can be on the road. In Florida, there are even license plates one can get that remind people to share the road with bicycles.

    Though, one time I was run off the road by a driver with one of those license plates. Maybe asshattery evens out in the long run?

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    • makagutu says:

      I think the claim that giving way to cyclists takes time is a lot of bullocks. Most drivers are just assholes. And there are asshole cyclists too. I think those do have a death wish or something

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    • basenjibrian says:

      Urban Florida may be the worst place to be a cyclist. Endless strip commercial (the worst cycling environment because of all the driveways and turning traffic), few bike lanes, urban areas that sprawl for tens of miles with no break, and elderly drivers who can’t see your.

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  5. Mordanicus says:

    Since you have more time to spend on Quora, do you know is anyone has asked the following question, or a variation hereof: “Why are people still crazy enough to believe that marriage is a good idea, while everything points to that the opposite is true?”


  6. Arkenaten says:

    I encountered a similar attitude when I used to ride a motorbike.
    I realised it was for me a no-win situation after I was T-boned by a car in the middle of a junction after the driver shot the lights. I was lucky to come out of that encounter alive, but I was effectively out of action for months – for a while I could not support any weight on my left ankle and, in the absence of crutches, even had to crawl on my hands and knees to get to the loo.

    Many/most motorists simply do not ”see” bicycles and motorbikes..
    Maybe it’s lack of training/education when they learned to drive or perhaps the ”assholes” have peripheral vision issues?


    • Barry says:

      I learnt to drive in the sixties when cars had an almost perfect 360° field of vision, and it was almost impossible to hide even a pedestrian from view. The advantage of great visibility was balanced by a tendency for the roof to collapse to windowsill level if the car rolled over. I’ve noticed that modern cars have huge blind spots and one must make an effort to actively look around the windscreen pillars. This especially applies when moving slowly such as just before a give way (yield) sign. It’s quite possible for a cyclist to remain hidden out of view unless they or you change speed. As I driver, I’ve almost pulled out in front of a cyclist on many occasions, even though I had thought I had taken care to move my head forwards and back, side to side to see around the blind spot (the wife says my head bobs like a chicken at such times).

      I consider myself a careful driver, but knowing that most drivers are not, the thought of cycling on city streets is quite alarming. I think that for some cyclists who don’t drive, they don’t realise quite how dangerous a vehicle can be especially with a less than fully alert driver at the wheel. Having said that, I treat every other road user, be they motorist, cyclist, mobility rider or pedestrian, as a complete idiot. As a consequence, I’ve come out relatively unscathed after 55 years of diving. The only times I’ve been caught out is when a new form of idiocy is invented.

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    • makagutu says:

      I think they simply don’t see cyclists. I have many times locked eyes with drivers who see me coming but behave like they have not seen a person. Just plain assholes

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  7. basenjibrian says:

    I am giving the original Quora questioner the benefit of the doubt and assume she is Dutch or Danish. The assumption that there is a well-developed network of bicycle paths in American cities is amusing at best.

    I do live near Sacramento, CA, which has an amazing 35 mile pike path along one of the major rivers. If one can avoid being attacked by a “precious pet” pit bull unleashed by one of the huge population of lost souls who share said parkway.


  8. shelldigger says:

    My question is “why do dumbasses ask dumbass questions?”


  9. Can’t even tell you how many times we were almost hit (not to mention the one time I was) because of drivers not even following basic laws of the road and driving distracted. This to me leads to a bigger question of why aren’t more drivers educated on cyclists rights to the road and why haven’t we as cyclists seen more changes to protect our rights to be there and our safety nation wide? We as a family with a 15 year old don’t own a car. We bike to the store, doctor appointments, the library, parks, etc. and have every right to do so; safely.


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