Random stories

For three weeks I couldn’t run. My right knee had developed some pain that made walking a heavy task. No. I have not fallen recently. And when I fell the last time, it was my shoulder that took the hit, not my knees. Yesterday I ran for 4km and today I managed a 6km run and a 40 mile ride. So far the knee is not complaining.

I am yet to finish reading spillover. I think laziness caught up with me. But the question that lingers in my head is, with destruction of ecosystems and increased human and wildlife/animal interaction how will we cope with zoonotic diseases? How many of these viruses were accidentally created or released from a laboratory? What happens when a rogue agent takes control of a biosafety lab and releases its contents?

Are things back to normal where you are? Have the stay at home orders been lifted? Last I heard, the government has stopped bars and restaurants from selling alcohol but you can buy in the supermarket so it’s not all bad. I see some people in masks. Some don’t have.

It was a holiday here today. Eid, I think.

Have a pleasant weekend ahead.