Question for atheists

Whenever this block suffers a dearth of posts, I go to that wormhole otherwise known as Quora to just stroll and see what questions people are asking. I like it for other things. The stories lies people tell. And so today I saw this question

Imagine you died, and then you find out the afterlife and God are real. God presents himself to you, satisfying whatever proof you need to know it’s him, and he then asks you to explain your lack of faith. What would you say?

I can tell that this question is loaded with assumptions. I can bet, I didn’t bother to check, that the enquirer is a Christian. They tend to hog the god name with a capital G. So the first question would be of identity, which god are we talking about? The god of the philosophers who set the ball rolling and went to sleep, maybe even died, or the god of my forefather- indifferent. Or that of the Abrahamic faiths- petty, jealous and murderous?

Two, this god appears after I am dead. Isn’t that a wee bit late. The answer simply is you didn’t present yourself when it counted.

Thinking more about the question, it is a weaker version of Pascal’s argument. You are implored to just believe, without evidence because maybe this angry god might be waiting for you the other side of the grave. Not happening. Don’t fear death my friend, nor the gods. If they exist and love us, we have no reason to be afraid. If they exist and they are capricious, then worshiping them is no guarantee that you’ll be spared from their bouts of anger.

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41 thoughts on “Question for atheists

  1. Ubi Dubium says:

    What would I say? How about “Given the horrendous confusing mess that is human religion, it’s obvious that human brains are not adequate to the task of working out if there’s a god, what it’s like, or what it wants of us. Given that the question is too important to risk getting wrong, I found it better to just abstain from the whole mess. I wasn’t worshiping the real god (whichever one that turned out to be) but I also wasn’t worshiping any false ones either.

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  2. limey says:

    My answer would be:

    You could have presented this while I was alive, but you didn’t, that makes you a moral monster.

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  3. judyt54 says:

    nicely put. I couldn’t have said it better. And if you’re dead, it really no longer matters, since you are now staring up into the nostrils of a god you didn’t believe in. Wow are you in trouble.
    At that point the harshest thing he (or she) could do would be authorize your free pass and send you back to do it over. ‘this time, get it right.”


  4. “Hey! God! Ya gotta light? Now that I’m dead and hangin’ up here with your nebulous ass, I’ve decided ta take up smoking. Why not, I’m already dead! And fuck you for hiding yourself from humanity, ya bastard, ya.”

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  5. Why would a god need to ask questions? I thought they were all knowing.

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  6. sooner8728 says:

    I come at this from a Christian perspective, just so you know where my cards here. I think the God of the philosophers is the same God of the Bible if understood correctly. Deism and theism are separate ideas about God. A deistic God isn’t involved in creation, but a theistic God is, regardless of whether you attach an extra label to that God, such as Muslim or Christian.

    I also don’t think God requires us to believe without evidence. I know a whole bunch of Christians talk in ways that make it seem like that, but I am not one of those Christians. I believe the evidence points to Christianity.

    I would 100% agree with you that blind, unthinking, unreasoning faith in anything isn’t a virtue.


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