10 (new) questions for atheists

The link to the questions is here. I don’t think the questions are new but I will treat them as such.

  • What is your religious background? Did you grow up in a religious home?

Catholic. Yes. In Kenya every stone you throw is likely to land on a religious person. And in some places, it may land on a church/mosque or an open crusade.

  • Was there a time when you were open to Christianity or another religion?

Yes, the whole time I was religious.

  • Did you have an unfavourable experience with Christians or people of another religion that turned you off?

Not that I recall. I just became clever. That’s all.

  • Which religion do you take most offense to and why?

Christianity. Convinced my forefathers that what they were doing was the wrong way and left them confused.

  • What is your primary objection to the Christian faith?

Evidence haiko.

  • Have you ever had a supernatural experience?

Not supernatural but I was once so high I thought my bed was floating at an angle.

  • If there is no afterlife and we cease to exist after death, do you believe your life has purpose and meaning beyond the survival of the human species? In what way?

Before we were born, we didn’t exist and it wasn’t a bother, same with death. Life becomes more meaningful when you realize that all the shit you need to do can only be done here and now. Does it mean those who don’t have children or who have died sooner have not led meaningful lives because without an afterlife, it is all about the survival of the species?

  • How would you describe your worldview?


  • Do you believe in right and wrong? What determines the ethics you live by?

I prefer right and left. I prefer to do the things my non existent cat approves of.

  • Do you consider yourself a good person? Why or why not?

Sometimes. Especially when I make a bbq of Methodist babies.


About makagutu

As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

17 thoughts on “10 (new) questions for atheists

  1. We are all victims to the worldwide attempt of religions to enslave us through their diverse methods that intend to brainwash our minds!

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  2. Ubi Dubium says:

    Every one of these questions seems specifically designed to let the questioner take whatever answer is given, and launch into their pre-scripted sermon, certain that they are going to win you back with it. They don’t really seem sincere.

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  3. I’ve just come back from the supermarket and the price of the Kenyan green beans has gone up. Do I complain directly to you, or do I have to speak to some other Kenyan?

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  4. Oh, BBQ baby! I’m coming right over, my friend.


  5. jilldennison says:

    If anyone within the religious cults actually listened to our answers and gave them serious thought, this might be a worthy exercise. But, they are so convinced that theirs is the “one and only right way” that they only ask the questions so that they can attempt to rip apart our answers. They seem incapable of deep thought, or logical reasoning. So, I don’t even bother answering their questions anymore.

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  6. Evelyn Kinya says:

    Right and left suits life better

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  7. […] got this post idea from makagutu‘s response to this […]


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