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even if you don’t read the whole blog, this alone I find is quite good

In conversation with a believer

To be clear, I do respect anyone who does believe with integrity. Who does treat others with respect, those who do not share into the same belief. Or those who do not want to believe at all in any form of a higher being. Because, without that principle in place, the believer will not receive the respect he or she is craving.

I do not believe in any higher being or deity, nor do I adhere to any mystical belief system.

For me, the adherence to a โ€œbelieveโ€ is an absolute private matter! And in my opinion, has nothing to do with any religious affiliations. As I understand if a person needs the embrace of a religious group, there must be doubts about the validity of the held beliefs. If one is convinced that there is a deity in existence, then there is no need for spiritual support of that conviction. One is free to worship on oneโ€™s terms!

To me, a belief is personal, and like our imagination, are emotional responses of the individual. As far as I can count, there are currently around eight billion individual emotional responses possible on this planet.

As an atheist, I take responsibility for my entire existence!(Here is where we say AMEN-my own) I alone must account for my actions and my thoughts, including my demise into nothingness. For me, life is a one-off experience, and I feel lucky to have that experience. There is no one to blame for my bad choices, but myself. I am aware and respectful to the fact that I am part of a universal cycle; consequently, I treat my life with the utmost reverence. Of course, we all make mistakes and fail in our quest on occasion. There may be one religion I would call myself an adherent to, and that is the religion of universal love!

I am suspicious of people who are in need to convince others of the righteousness of their beliefs. To me, it proves they lack convictions!

On a more general note, if we human beings had decided a long time ago to adhere only to one single belief system, we would have died out by now! Because only through the challenges and variety of conflicting ideas has the human mind progressed to this day.

About makagutu

As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

16 thoughts on “here is something I like

  1. wuodflora says:

    On this I want to completely agree with you. Beyond our religions if there is no love for humanity and nature in general then these believes are just horses for stupid gain. Keep the universal love burning in you, it is greater than any religion and is boundless.


  2. Indeed. Sometimes I think people who push their beliefs at you are looking for affirmation that what they believe is true. There is a whine of desperation in the man who says the earth is flat, god aged the rocks, or he made blizzards to punish us.
    He’s taking responsibility out of his OWN hands and handing it to a ‘higher power’ much the way a student hands in work to his teacher and then accepts her suggestions or criticisms, valid or not. It’s the teacher, he says, shrugging, she knows more than I do.

    When you reject all of that hocus pocus, either gently, slowly, as I did, or just all at once and bang out the door, you are affirming yourself, and you are placing trust in yourself to do what YOU need to proceed.

    God is the score keeper, the goal keeper, the entity we blame when things go wrong, and praise when things go right. He’s our punching bag.

    We put our trust in him to treat us well, and fairly, and when it doesn’t happen, we get angry. Not unlike the narcissitic parent or spouse who pulls the rug out from under you and then helps you up, apologizing.

    No wonder Christians drink.


  3. basenjibrian says:

    My only caveat is “our” decisions, “our” volition, is less conscious than this implies. Human beings largely operate not on automatic but on a variety of not always conscious decisions and forces and urges. That doesn’t absolve us of blame, of course.


  4. From the title I presumed this was going to be a post about me.

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  5. shelldigger says:

    I read this as “there are as many gods as there are believers.”

    And I agree with your perspective Mak.


  6. shelldigger says:

    Hmmm, somehow I posted a comment to this post without meaning to. Maybe I read something at the link and was trying to respond to that. Or I’ve just lost my damn marbles, that too hasn’t been ruled out.

    I have to say that what is in this post is awesome! I could not agree more.

    …and I’ll have what Nan is having ๐Ÿ˜‰

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