Questions of Zapata

I thought we can revisit these questions from old and see what new answers theists have come up with.

And then a quote.

Theologians can persuade themselves of anything….. Anyone who can worship a trinity and insist that his religion is a monotheism can believe anything just give him time to rationalise it.

Job, A comedy of Justice by Robert Heinlein

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18 thoughts on “Questions of Zapata

  1. In contrast to the Greeks, leaving their Mythologies behind as such and instead choose to introduce rational thinking methods through their teaching of philosophy, starting roughly in 600 BC with Thales of Miletus. In contrast, the Semitic tribes never got rid of their prehistorical mythologies. Once those oracle tales had been written down, they took on the form of reality and later on, through those Roman-Christian dramatisation’s canonised throughout Christendom. Here our human fallibility is to blame; we prefer to believe instead of searching for the truth.

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  2. I like that list of questions. I’ll be reading it over and over. Curious as to the answers to the questions theists give.


  3. maryplumbago says:

    Two quotes I like…

    The picture of faith brings to mind the bird who flies
    full speed into the reflection on a window pane
    thinking it’s found an opening to a greater outside
    only to lie dead at the foundation of the house.

    Extermination by salvation.
    How many dreams of salvation are marked by the cemetery tombs? Bunkers of food and ammo passed on to generations
    who wait truly faithful
    in fear of a collapsing world, only to let life escape
    fleeting with deathbed regret of a life un-lived.


  4. basenjibrian says:

    excellent questions worthy of consideration by SERIOUS theologians.


  5. Next, questions of zapatos. Size, colour, materials.


  6. My apologies for the spelling mistake, of course, I meant to say “Greek” and no creek.


  7. thank you for keeping the discussion up, provocative thoughts are important, even so as an atheist I will possibly end up in purgatory
    for trying to separate facts from (religious) invented fiction.


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