On justice

I must say first that if you have time, pick this book by Robert A Heinlein and you will not fail to find something totally hilarious. In some place he writes

…justice is not a divine concept, it is a human illusion. The very basis of the judeo-christian code is injustice, the scapegoat system. The scapegoat sacrifice runs all through the old testament, then it reaches its height in the new testament with the notion of the martyred redeemer. How can justice possibly be served by loading your sins on another? Whether it be a lamb having its throat cut ritually or a messiah nailed to a cross and “dying for your sins”. Somebody should tell all of Yawheh’s followers, jews and Christians, that there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Job, a comedy of justice

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14 thoughts on “On justice

  1. Dying for sins was always meaningless to me when I was a little kid, & it never changed as I got older.


  2. Arkenaten says:

    How astute!
    In the Netflix series Marco Polo there is as graphic illustration of this in a scene where Polo tells a ”white lie” to Khan regarding Khan’s son.
    Khan already knew the answer and became so enraged that he walked over to a servant standing nearby and beat the man to death with a heavy wooden ornament . Looking at the dead man lying prostrate on the floor Khan breathlessly remarks to Polo.
    ”Here is your scapegoat. Let him bear your sin of lying.”
    Heinlein wrote some pretty good science fiction in his day.


  3. Heinlein is a superb writer.


  4. Love it. The free lunch bit is on point. The same people in America who hate socialism and free lunches are often the same people who love vicarious redemption through Jesus. And they canโ€™t grasp the contradiction.

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