For some reason

That yours truly can’t understand, a lot of western press has been asking why we Africans are not dying as they had divined we will once the covid pandemic touched base here. I don’t claim to know why but others with more time have put up plausible explanations .

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23 thoughts on “For some reason

  1. Oh, Africans aren;t dying so much from covid cause covid isn’t real. It’s FAKE NEWS!! OK. 🙂

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  2. Barry says:

    The link does not appear to be working.

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  3. Barry says:

    I found the comments on that page just as interesting as the article itself 🙂

    I suspect it’ll take more than one global pandemic to figure out why outcomes vary from region to region, but there’s likely to be many factors involved. Having said that, one commenter suggested a relationship between the BCG Tuberculosis vaccine and covid deaths. This is a vaccination not normally given in NZ due to the extremely low rate of TB, but almost universally given in most African nations. More than 80% of TB cases here are in people who were born outside of NZ. It might explain why (apart from two aged care facilities) a significant proportion of deaths in this country have been in those under 70.


    • makagutu says:

      I didn’t get to read the comments. There have been many theories including being sparsely populated and all. It will be interesting at the end of the day to see what people come up with

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  4. maryplumbago says:

    Very interesting article..Africa’s biggest plus is you don’t have trump as a president. He is a disaster for America.
    Stay safe😊


  5. maryplumbago says:

    Here’s a book I think you might enjoy. I’m a little over half way through. Of course the insight is more of America, but still a very interesting take on modern life.
    “Civilized to Death” by Christopher Ryan.


  6. Ron says:

    Yes, it’s a rather strange question to ask given that the reasons have been publicly available since mid-March:

    99% of Those Who Died From Virus Had Other Illness, Italy Says

    Direct link to Italian study:


    – old age, and/or
    – other pre-existing illnesses


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