On this day of the dead

Or as the Katlicks call it all saints day, I would like to hear what is the kind of death you would prefer. It was one Greek philosopher who when asked what was the best thing to happen to a man said not to be born and the second best is to die sooner. And so now that we all know we are dying let’s talk about how that final moment should be.

A quick abrupt death with no room for goodbyes

Dying in a vegetable state, unable to live in any dignity and die with dignity

Death from short illness

Death from long illness bravely borne ( this gets to my nerves. Why extend human life when the end is all but certain. Then again, all our deaths certain)

Taking your own life once you have had enough of this life?

In the meantime, make merry for tomorrow we die.

Somewhere in Laikipia

And don’t ask how this car got to be on a flat bed, just enjoy the video. In the first minute, a land cruiser pick up tries to get the stuck lorry out of mud unsuccessfully. Then a work horse, a land rover does the job.