Religious disservice

In the satires and profanities of James Thomson, there is an essay about an famous Old Jewish firm that has me in stitches all through. At some place he writes

[…]Jah always kept himself invisible, while the son and mother were possibly seen, during some years, by a large number of persons; and among those who have never seen them their portraits are almost as popular as photographs of the prince and Princess of Wales.

Satires and profanities

And this reminded me of the case of the Muslims who are busy chopping heads in the name of the prophet while no one knows how the profit looked like, if he did live.

I think religious people are funny.

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8 thoughts on “Religious disservice

  1. I would like to describe them as funny too, unfortunately, there is nothing funny about “religions” believers, all that I can see is a degraded form of consciousness and bigotry.


  2. Barry says:

    Well, I’m glad someone thinks I’m funny 🙂

    But seriously, there’s a great many people who claim to hold religious beliefs that I really would not like to meet under any circumstances.


    • makagutu says:

      I don’t even think funny is the right word.

      For anyone to take offence at a portrait to the extent that they can kill for it represents some derangement in the thinking faculty.


      • Barry says:

        As I understood it, some Islamic teachings prohibit the representation of any person in the form of drawings, paintings etc. Not sure if the same applies to photographs, but I guess it would.

        And when it comes to killing another person, or even going to war, there are many reasons just as trivial, or even more so, that have been used as a justification.


        • makagutu says:

          I think the prohibition is in art. And as such there can be no extant drawing of what Muhammad could have looked like.

          But you are right. There has not been a shortage of justifications for going to war


  3. Funny. Dangerous at times, and bat-shit crazy even more often than that!


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