Happy Monday everyone.

Those who read this blog religiously have, I am sure, read the questions of Zapata. I am not going to re-post them here. No, the questions we have are more interesting, but before the questions something we might all agree with.

Everything for which we love and venerate the man Jesus becomes a bitter and absurd mockery when attributed to the Lord Christ

James Thomson, Satires and Profanities

Now the questions

  1. he went about doing good; if God, why did he not do all good at once?
  2. he cured many sick; if god why did he not give the whole world health?
  3. he associated with publicans and sinners; if god, why did he make publicans and sinners at all?
  4. he preached the kingdom of heaven; if god, why did he not bring the kingdom with him and make all mankind fit for it?
  5. he loved the poor, he taught the ignorant; if god, why did he let any remain poor and ignorant?
  6. he died for love of mankind; if god, why did he not restore mankind to himself without dying? and what great thing was it to seem to die for three days?
  7. he sent apostles to preach salvation to all men; if god, why did he not reveal it at once to all men, and so reveal it that doubt had been impossible?
  8. he lived an example of holiness to us all; if god, how can our humanity imitate deity
  9. why did he ever let the world get evil?

I hope to hear your responses and have a great week everyone.

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

9 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Ron says:

    The answer to all the above is: God works in mysterious ways.

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  2. “he loved the poor, he taught the ignorant; if god, why did he let any remain poor and ignorant?” This one is easy to answer! The poor are only poor because they are lazy rat bastards who, parasite-like, suck the financial marrow from the bones of whatever society their sorry asses live in. In short,, it ain’t Jeebus’s fault there are poor people–it’s poor people’s own fault they’re poor. The stinkin’ lazy rat bastards! Hell, if Jeebus is God, why not just magically create gas chambers and crematoriums so we can wipe out the poor and poverty immediately? Ha!! Answer that one, Jeebus!


    • makagutu says:

      In part yes.

      But the import here is that as man, we could take some of the teachings or doings of Jesus as lofty but the moment he becomes god-man, then we need explanations for his many failures.


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