It’s the end of January

And for some of us on this side of the Indian ocean, there are still 60 days of njaanuary left to be overcome. If you are not in that category, you are doing well.

How many are still keeping up with their new year resolutions; to lose weight, to read more, make money, get married, get divorce or whatever it is that was in your list?

Today morning I went for a run and shortly during the run, I had this urge to dunk. I don’t think I would have done an extra 100m without shitting myself but luckily I was at a gas station and so I paused my timer & got to business. After that, I went agoogling and discovered that as I run, the vertical oscillations make my colon jiggle combined with the caffeine & other physiological activities, I had to have the runners trot.

Have you been vaccinated yet? How did that go? Here we expect the first batch of vaccines mid February & it’s just a few million doses.

If you are still alive at the end of your reading this post, thank fortuna: such a blind giver & without no apparent favourites.

Happy February, everyone.

What do you believe in?

Is a question I get asked occasionally when I say I am not religious. Generally, depending on what I am doing at that precise moment, my response will be drawn from it. For example if we were having beer, I would jokingly say I believe beer is good.

But I don’t think this is the answer they are looking for. The question seems to me to be a loaded one. It does seem, in some sense, that to the believer, my lack of religious belief and by extension god belief, I am devoid of beliefs.

The other implication is, for the believer, all their other beliefs can be explained by their belief in god. That is to say, to the believer, any question would be answered by god and that would seem to be a sufficient answer.

But there is a problem. Whereas we hold beliefs to the degree we believe them true and no more, it is possible we hold unexamined beliefs, false beliefs and so on. And where there is true knowledge, we generally (in common usage) say we know 1+1=2 except for catholics where 1=3, but that’s a debate for another time.

Therefore, in answer to the above question, whoever should want an answer should be specific. I hold many beliefs depending on the weather and what side of the bed I wake up from.

To those who get asked this question, how do you respond?

Thoughts that keep me awake

The landmass that makes the African continent is larger than China, Europe and America combined. The population of Africa is a measly 1.1 billion. India is 1.3 billion and China 1.4 billion but we have a population problem in Africa. What am I missing?

Do watchmakers believe that there is some absolute time that they try to make their chronographs match with accuracy?

Is there wisdom in dying for truth in a world where there is no absolute truth? Especially in the field of convictions? Should not one make allowance for being wrong? Or mistaken?

Those who kill others for the truth, do they allow for being wrong? How can they make amends if they were to discover they were grossly mistaken?

How is that African dictators never seem to die or even fall sick in office? Their hold both on power and health makes one think they have a deal with fortune to cause as much pain as possible and then some more? Well, maybe all dictators/ authoritarian leaders.

Why is running addictive and sometimes so hard?