It’s the end of January

And for some of us on this side of the Indian ocean, there are still 60 days of njaanuary left to be overcome. If you are not in that category, you are doing well.

How many are still keeping up with their new year resolutions; to lose weight, to read more, make money, get married, get divorce or whatever it is that was in your list?

Today morning I went for a run and shortly during the run, I had this urge to dunk. I don’t think I would have done an extra 100m without shitting myself but luckily I was at a gas station and so I paused my timer & got to business. After that, I went agoogling and discovered that as I run, the vertical oscillations make my colon jiggle combined with the caffeine & other physiological activities, I had to have the runners trot.

Have you been vaccinated yet? How did that go? Here we expect the first batch of vaccines mid February & it’s just a few million doses.

If you are still alive at the end of your reading this post, thank fortuna: such a blind giver & without no apparent favourites.

Happy February, everyone.

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

34 thoughts on “It’s the end of January

  1. jim- says:

    Increase your sphincter strength or shorten your runs [sic] by 100m.


  2. jeannejam40 says:

    Have I had the vaccine? No! I had the Chinese virus so that means I naturally have 100% immunity, why would I consider taking a vaccine that provides only 95% immunity? 195% immunity is in no way any better than 100% immunity! This whole vaccine business is simply a way for the pharmaceutical companies to stick it to the people and earn more money! There are several absolute cures for Chinese virus there is NO reason for people to die, it is pure and simple politics!


    • Nan says:

      From my readings, 100% immunity is not guaranteed simply because they don’t have enough knowledge about this virus. Yes, the chance of reinfection is low, but not assured.

      Obviously, YOU wouldn’t need a vaccine, but for those who have not been infected, the vaccine may very well keep them safe. If vaccines were “simply a way for the pharmaceutical companies to stick it to the people and earn more money,” then we would still have people suffering from polio, measles, diphtheria, tetanus. et al.


    • makagutu says:

      Jean you sure did make me laugh. I hope you are fully recovered.


    • basenjibrian says:

      I hear the Governor of Oklahoma, who spent over $2 million of the taxpayers’ money of that benighted state on one of Trump’s miracle “cures” has some extra snake oil he wants to sell cheap.

      I’m sorry, Jean….but people who rant about “Big Pharma”: wanting to just earn money off people always somehow ignore that the “natural cures” and “miracle Chinese herbs” also cost money. A lot MORE profit actually,, because these snake oil peddlers don’t have to waste any money on “research” or “tests” or “government regulations”. That bottle of miracle homeopathic immune-o-boOst? It’s just WATER.

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  3. Yes, I had the vaccine yesterday. Hope you get yours soon.


  4. Ron says:

    1. I resolved to stop making New Year’s resolutions over 20 years ago and have kept to it ever since.

    2. This is why I prefer cycling.

    3. No thanks. I’ll let my immune system handle the situation.


    • makagutu says:

      1. I also stopped when I realized i would forget them by February
      2. During long rides, I have needed to pee but this is a small problem to solve.
      3. There are many people I know who are doing this. But then this may put roadblocks to your travel plans if the things I have been reading about covid certs will be implemented


      • basenjibrian says:

        If a 20 year old football player gets Covid and has permanent neurological and cardio damage, I’m not sure I am going to take the risk.


        • makagutu says:

          As things stand, the vaccine will get here when the virus is no longer a problem


          • basenjibrian says:

            Unfortunately, I am not sure that is true in countries with a lot of community transmission. Especially given that the virus is mutating as we speak. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


            • makagutu says:

              I have read that with the vaccines, infection rates are going down or something. SO by the time the vaccines get here, we’ll either be dead or well.
              I recently read an article in the Guardian about how rich nations made access to ARVs in the low and middle income countries hard and slow which meant that reducing the spread of HIV-AIDS was slowed down terribly. If the same vaccine nationalism goes on, then that’s likely what we are faced with.


  5. I’ve never made resolutions.
    No idea when we get the vaccines. Canada is huge, storage is an issue with the Pfizer, & shipments are stalled for the 2 which are approved.


  6. Carmen says:

    Oh Mak I laughed at that! Almost as hard as I laughed at Jeanne jamโ€™s comment. *smh


  7. Carmen says:

    Oh, and p.s. not sure when weโ€™ll be getting our vaccines here but we WILL be getting them.


  8. Barry says:

    Njaanuary? Thank goodness for Google and Bing ๐Ÿ™‚

    For most Kiwis, Christmas, New Year and January is Summer At The Beach, Tramping (What the rest of the world calls hiking), Sports events, and Music festivals. It’s a time to chill out. Schools close before Christmas and reopen in early February – most schools will progressively reopen this week and next.

    I have never made a New Year resolution in my life. I’m now too old to change.

    I was a cross country runner in my youth, but then saw the error of my ways. Now I walk. It might take longer, but it’s kinder on my joints. Cycling doesn’t appeal. I’ve witnessed too many incidents where bicycles and their riders came off second best. It’s one reason why I keep a first aid kit in my car.

    The first 1.5 million of 15 million doses ordered by our government are due to arrive in March. The rest start arriving in June. The government has orders with 4 different manufacturers, but with new moves by the EU and the US to ban exports until their populations are fully vaccinated, those orders might be in doubt. If manufacturers honour their supply contracts, then as I’m in an “at risk group” due to age, June/July is probably the earliest prospect for me getting the vaccination. But as we don’t have community transmission of the virus here, I’m not particularly concerned about delays in the short to medium term. We have the luxury of allowing countries like the US and UK to be guinea pigs for the mass vaccinations.

    Why 15 million doses for a population of 5 million? All but one of the vaccines require 2 doses to be fully effective, and the government has also ordered enough to supply other nations in the Pacific region (apart from Australia).

    Fortuna can go take a jump. I wear a Hei Matau that provides me with good fortune ๐Ÿ™‚


    • makagutu says:

      I was a cross country runner in my youth, but then saw the error of my ways. Now I walk

      This is wise but I will not follow this sage advice. I will train my intestines to not misbehave.

      15 million does for a pop of 5 million! And here we are expecting maybe 10 million for a pop of 55 million.

      I used to make resolutions and stopped.

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  9. An honest description of one’s moment of self-awareness.


  10. Ubi Dubium says:

    No vaccine for me yet. But my spouse got his first dose a few weeks ago, and my elderly mother got her first dose this weekend. So I hope it won’t be too much longer.

    For Ron, who prefers to “let his immune system handle it”, it really helps your immune system to do its job if you can provide it with a way to recognize an unfamiliar virus as dangerous. The world is full of millions of kinds of viruses, almost all of which are harmless to humans, and you can’t mount an immune response to them all. Your immune system usually has to wait until an infection triggers it to activate, so the vaccine provides a “wanted poster” so it knows what to go after before you’re infected.

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    • makagutu says:

      The latest I have seen is the first batch of 4mn vaccines will arrive by mid to end February & the next batch of about 14mn will come in July.
      Maybe Ron knows something we don’t or he has kept himself in a sterile environment

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