The so called protestants

But what is happening in the camp of the so-called Protestants, led by a German peasant by the name Martin Luther, stormed out of the universal church? The camp? When the fellow, holding the arm of his nun wife called Maria, shouted, ‘I will not repent, I will not recant. Here I stand !’ the chorus from the so-called camp was deafening. All manner of ‘leader’ repeated the defiant war-song, now not addressed to the Vatican, but against Luther himself, and against each other. And it has continued to the present day. There is not one but numerous camps. It may be there is not one person in the world today who knows exactly how many they are, whatever their differences or similarities.

Artist the Ruler by Okot p’Bitek

This observation by p’Bitek leaves me amused all the time I think of it. Everyday there is a schism in a christian church somewhere. They often claim a difference in doctrine or disagreement on management but mostly it is about the cookie jar, not that one, but the other one and a million reasons excuses in between. What is always important is to justify the need to start a new church.

So my friends, what are you protesting?

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6 thoughts on “The so called protestants

  1. Ron says:

    Damn those Germans! Always causing problems and taking a belligerent attitude towards authority. They’ve been a nuisance ever since Arminius betrayed the Romans in the Teutoburg Forest.


  2. Barry says:

    I’m not convinced every or even most sects/denominations/religions are started just for the sake of creating a new one. As often as not, it’s the persecution of those holding an often minor difference in belief or practice that leaves them little option but to part company. And where this isn’t the case, consider a human condition known as ego. It occurs in every sphere of life. It not only divides the religious, it can also divide families, nations, business enterprises, sporting codes and friends.

    As long as human nature exists, there will be divisions. Within the Christian community, and here my experience is limited to Aotearoa New Zealand, most denominations don’t consider other denominations or even other religions “wrong”. They just see the differences as being based on personal preference, interpretation, or practice. I’ve sometimes joked that there’s more antagonism between political parties here than there is between faith traditions. Of course there’s alway a few outliers in both politics and religion who get more attention than they deserve.

    But even within one faith tradition, there can be a wide range of beliefs and practices. I belong to a religious faith tradition that’s almost 400 years old and we have members who are Christian (from liberal through progressive to post modern), Muslim, Wiccan, Buddhist, Baháʼí, secular humanist, agnostic, atheist, pantheist, panentheist, animist, and probably a few more I’ve overlooked. There’s no such thing as a “True religion”. At best any religion merely reflects the beliefs, and more importantly, the actions of its followers. I belong to my faith tradition because it reflects and practices those values I hold most dearly. And that is the only reason. Certainly not because it’s more “true” than any other.

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    • makagutu says:

      Barry, I wish you would do a trip here. You would think you landed into a different world.


    • basenjibrian says:

      Love your post, Barry. This is the ideal interpretation. but Maka is correct that history shows that many sects/churches DO condemn their “fallen away” brethren as heretics….or worse.

      In one of my random Wipedia wanderings, I read through the history of the Wahabbi sect which dominates Saudi Arabia. The Wahabbis would violently disagree with your live and let live philosophy. They are HAPPY to kill the apostates, be they ellow Sunni or (horrors. death!) Shia or worse. While the Syrian regime has been horrific in its war against rebellion, it is almost…almost…understandable when one realizes that it is an existential battle for survival (as well as power and riches, of course) for the Alawite community against the dominant (American media focusing on good rebels aside) Wahabbi and crazier Shi’a forces.


  3. The irrationality of beliefs has the relentless need for the continuum of irrationality!


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