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so now i have been running for almost 8 months. the last time in my life i ever ran this much was in high school. and we had no choice but we could defeat that requirement. i recall we ran on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Interesting thing is no one talked about running form, shoes, stretches or warm up. we left our classrooms and went a running. if anyone got injured from running, I can’t remember. I would know.

but since i started running last year, i have had a partial tear of my calf muscle which was a real scare because some doctor was of the opinion i needed surgery yesterday. only reason this didn’t happen is because i used dr. google and it was of the opinion of conservative treatment and two other doctors also agreed with dr. google. so that was it. then this year once the tear had recovered, i resumed running and i think one day i pushed it too hard. this time it was the hamstring that must have been strained but i decided not to see a physician. i think it has healed. i just decided to run and stop only when the pain increased.

this brings me to another debate. use of technology in running. a while back it was elite runners doping on steroids, now i think manufacturers are competing on what shoes will give you competitive advantage. maybe they should just have the shoes run and we choose the best shoe. or shoe and track. no need to have athletes battling it out when shoes can do the trick. i have nothing against good shoes. i run in good shoes. they are so good, tarmac almost feels soft. but they have such a short distance. for example i have done about 560km and if i was to listen to the manufacturer, i should run maybe another 80km in them and get a new pair. sounds much like new phones, if you don’t replace the old one, you don’t receive updates.

but all this is a digression. this is not the story i wanted to tell you. i use a garmin watch & one of the things it comes with is training plans for cycling and running. you can train to run a 5k, 10k or 21k which in americanese would be 3 miles, 6 miles and 13.6 miles respectively. i already attempted the 5k and had a pb of 22minutes. i am still proud of that timing. yesterday in my training plan, i was to do speed repeats: warm up 15min, run at a pace of 4min/km for a minute & jog for 1 minute x6 then run 3:30 min/km for 30 sec and jog for a min x6. I gave up after the 4th attempt of the first bit. I must have been fatigued from the previous day 50km ride. so in the evening i decided to do a recovery run of 10km and felt much better.

i also discovered that running while listening to music can be such a good thing. i have some headphones that have noise cancellation and since i do my runs early in the cool of morning, they are just perfect. and i run towards oncoming traffic so unless some idiot is overtaking dangerously, or drunk driving, i am not so worried about vehicular traffic.

keep it here for my next run.

and now some pictures

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

55 thoughts on “running stories

  1. Ark says:

    Nice. If ever you want info on running injuries I’m happy to share – I’ve probably had ’em all!
    ITB was the worst.

    On second thoughts, you should be all right. After all, you have some of the finest running icons ever to turn to as mentors, and they’re right there on your doorstep!


    • makagutu says:

      Tell me about it. Did you have surgery or you just took a break from running.
      I think I may be insane enough and try an ultra marathon.
      These elite I only see on TV.


      • Ark says:

        No surgery NEVER! I went to a sports physio, A bloke by the name of Gary Sobel, He gave me some treatment to ease the pain and showed me some stretching exercises for the legs. I was effectively out of proper running for nearly five months, but it never reoccurred after this and I was able to run pain free. Just remember to stretch and don’t over do the training.
        I can tell you that aside from a few biomechanical imbalances – one leg longer than the other or extreme pronation for example most running injuries are because of overuse. Too much, too soon for one.
        Muscles develop / strengthen a lot quicker than bones, tendons. As a cyclist you know this, of course.
        I ran a few ultras, 50, 56, kms, just to get the distance in my legs, but aside from Comrades (90kms) I never really enjoyed them. Marathon distance (42) was usually my max.
        I preferred half-marathon and 15kms the most. Loads of fun.


        • makagutu says:

          I stretch occasionally. I think it is the warm up and cool down that are critical.
          I try to avoid doing too much too soon.
          I think I will he ready for my first marathon by year end fortune allowing.
          And muscles atrophy so fast. 2 weeks of no running means easing back slowly into running

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          • Ark says:

            I’m sure you’ll do fine. I know of a few runners who never stretched at all. In the beginning I was plagued by shin splints until someone showed be what he called the wall stretch for the calf muscles. Never had any problems afterwards.


  2. Running for 8 months…..WOW! You must be exhausted!!!!
    Nice pics.
    Footwear is very important, & if you can find any that will do the work, that’d be a lot less stress on the legs….hahaha….

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  3. john zande says:

    Running, biking… now do swimming and you can do a triathlon!


  4. So sorry to hear about the muscular issues. Itโ€™s unfortunate to have things like that happen especially when you love doing something so much. I wear form fitting trainers that make you feel like youโ€™re barefooted. Theyโ€™re very comfortable. Please look after your health. And of course keep logging.


  5. jeannejam40 says:

    Running may look good now, in spite of the injuries but wait till you are older and the accumulated injuries and deterioration of cartilage impairs your ability to walk! Running(?) Now at 80 I no longer run, now I need a walker just to take a couple of steps.


  6. Last night I ran to my fridge, made a sandwich, and ran back to the couch to eat it. Man, am I BEAT!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. That’s awesome Mak! Be careful about those injuries though.

    I ran for about a year in my 30s. Toward the end of that year, I was leaner and in better aerobic shape than anytime since childhood. But it also tore up my body. Early on it was shin splints, but later it was stomach and back problems. What eventually forced me to stop was an increasingly aggravated shoulder issue (which still haunts me today).

    For several years now, I just walk for an hour each day while listening to podcasts. A walker’s body isn’t as good as a runner’s, but at least it’s better than a couch potato’s.

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  8. Back in the days when I was doing a lot of distance running, I found the books of Jeff Galloway to be a tremendous resource for how to run without injury. Highly recommended.


  9. Ron says:

    Sounds like you’re totally committed. My daily exercise routine usually includes:

    – hopping out of bed
    – skipping dinner
    – jumping to conclusions
    – running around in circles
    – dodging responsibilities
    – pushing my luck
    – raising hell
    – lifting my middle finger
    – pulling silly stunts
    – walking back my promises
    – rowing with my boss
    – flying off the handle

    But most of all, I love going for a bike ride.

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  10. renudepride says:

    LOL! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Great job in remaining athletic and in fitness! Just remember to proceed in your own comfort and what works (and feels) best for you! Bare hugs from halfway across the world!


  11. melindarangel says:

    Loved this. Thanks for sharing

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  12. Sol Lowe says:

    Great read you might enjoy some of my fitness tips!


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