on the devil and other news

aka Satan.

Nan says the dude has no real existence. The cuddly one says it is a mistake to think the devil is a myth.

I think the author of this article is not serious. He claims, boldy, that

As C.S. Lewis once observed, even among critics, the teachings of Jesus reflect the highest standard of morality known to man.

which makes me think he hasn’t really considered what he calls the highest standard of morality.

The mythical Dave the author quotes can believe as possible or true natural explanation even when these have not proven as long as they don’t require a miracle. In a world of particles colliding where some of those particles result in thinking beings, wrong and right become very useful indicators as some things are either beneficial or inimical to the continued survival of such species of organisms.

Regis tells us modern man is concerned with, following Maslow, self actualization instead of seeking salvation- individual salvation, so to speak. I see no difference between the two except in the means.

If god exists, Regis must tell us what has taken her so long to provide manna to end starvation? Or to make wine so we all can make merry. Man has been struggling in darkness to solve the problems of man. Were it not for nationalism, short term vision, greed, we could have made progress in how we deal with some of the crisis that face us.

Have a devil free Monday and a good week everyone.

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

24 thoughts on “on the devil and other news

  1. ladysighs says:

    D is for Devil
    He really exists
    If you deny him
    It will make him pissed

    (I believe in him!!)


  2. ladysighs says:

    As long as he pisses god off ….. he’s OK!

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  3. I likes the devil! He’s a fun guy. It’s Jeebus who’s boring and dull. Who’d wanna hang out with Jeebus when ya kin party wit Satan!!??

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  4. grogalot says:

    Isn’t imagination wonderful? One can imagine JC and Satan going at it. Maybe a great debate as to the pros and cons for the mortal state? If it weren’t for Satan, JC would be out of a job. GROG


  5. Nan says:

    According to the referenced article — Since he was elected in 2013, Francis has made clear that he believes the devil to be real, saying in a 2018 document that it was mistaken to consider him a myth.

    And I say … prove it! If a person reads the bible without prejudice (i.e., influence from preachers), they will clearly see “Satan” (capitalized) does NOT exist. (See my book for more details. 😉)


  6. basenjibrian says:

    Doesn’t much of our popular understanding of “Satan” and “Hell” date from Milton and Dante…not so much the Bible?

    Just like Christianity is really “Paulianity”, so much which is orthodox in modern Christian culture has sketchy origins.


  7. well, as everything in the universe does apparently have an opposite, some call it yin and yang, so do the God botherer’s need the devil to make a case for their point of view!


  8. basenjibrian says:

    Christianity took some ideas from the Persians (Zoroastrianism) as well. Definitely a dualist world view.

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