movie time

I know Jim said I should keep to book recommendations only and not venture into songs or movies that my recommendations on those two areas are really not great but as we say here, Jim can go hang :). And in the spirit of not braining, we can watch a movie. Besides, for most people, the pandemic has caused a lot of misery, a distraction here and there ain’t a bad idea.

In the 1960s, 4 young boys are growing up in New York and as many young boys are, they play truancy a lot. Only this one occasion, it goes overboard. Someone gets hospitalized and so they are sent to juvenile detention or jail or whatever such places for boys are called. They are guests of the state for 18 months. A really long time. Many things happen in these places but rehabilitation ain’t one of them. Violence. Sexual abuse. I don’t know what else.

So 18 months later, the 4 boys are released & they get busy with school. One becomes a lawyer and joins the DA, another a clerk with a newspaper and two are street punks or whatever it is called. Years later, two of them bump into one of the guards, offs him in a diner and here the movie gets interesting. There is court case and with an ending both expected and unexpected.

If you have 2 hours which you don’t know what to do with ( I have friends who want to go to heaven and live for eternity but don’t know what to do with themselves on Sunday when they don’t go to church), then Sleepers can help with that. It is an old movie, where old means 1996.