On motivation

I think i was born with motivation in the pocket. Just the idea that i can better my best is enough inspiration to get my ass out and do something. the same applies to my other hobbies like reading. this is not to say i don’t get distracted, i do. i have found myself being an occasional couch potato, though never for long. but while i can give advise on weight loss, i can’t on motivation. maybe i should get a marketing department to help with this.

all this was just to tell you about my morning run. i must have mentioned that i had a goal of doing the half in 1:40 but quit that training plan a week ago after putting in 8 weeks of regular training. i guessed i need to run much slower for the time being, build a low aerobic base and spruce it up occasionally. we will see how that goes. for now i am in competition with a camel in drinking water. we will see who wins. the camel or myself

I am happy with this run.