I think people got it all wrong

On who needs forgiveness. The Catholic Church require of its faithful regular confession so their sins can be absolved to give them enough room to sin again for the new week or whatever is the frequency of the confession but I think it is the Church that needs absolution and their god- if it cared to exist.

Stories such as Philomena or the Magdalene Laundries are shining examples of what the church did in Ireland. And also why it needs absolution. And why I am with Ivan when in Brothers Karomazov he says he will take his chances this side of the grave.

It’s a disgrace that such things happened & mothers are still trying to find their long lost children without success.

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20 thoughts on “I think people got it all wrong

  1. I remember a girlhood friend who was cafflick, did the mortal sin of eating meat on a Friday, & then said, ”oh well, I’ll just confess on Sunday”. I got thinking afterwards, could you kill someone & just confess on Sunday, & it will all be just hunky dory?

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  2. basenjibrian says:

    You hint at my religious views: Misotheism. Gawd created sinners. Gawd created SIN for that matter. Given His omniscience, how can one claim that He is not responsible for both? Mumble mumble mumble free will doesn’t work in the case of an omni-god.

    Quoting, once again, my favorite evil metal group:

    …I had a salowe vision
    wherein were fiery serpents and scorpions and drought
    …sand, in an abrasive swirling murk,
    covered the crackled book of life…

    A testimony
    from the dimension of regret.
    This voice comes
    from the second right after the disaster
    when all there is left to say
    in a distressed whisper is
    It is too late.
    The irreparable has been carved in stone
    and those made accountable for it are you.
    Standing, shivering in cold dim light
    waiting for the sentence of the Holy Dead
    like Adam and Eve at the end of time.

    One may argue that it was flawed
    since the beginning
    that the dice were loaded
    that God had it all within
    that He is the Source.
    O heavenly Father!
    pathogenic agent of contamination.
    harbringer of catastrophe,
    icon of the impending Fall:
    but what difference does it make?
    Altitudines Satana
    the vertigo of Liberty
    tipped the scales.
    A shadow of horror is risen.

    This will not be redeemed
    no matter how sincere the genuflection
    and ardent the confession.


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    • makagutu says:

      This reminds me of that wonderful poem by Fulke Greville- created sick, commanded to be sound

      Oh, wearisome condition of humanity,
      Born under one law, to another bound;
      Vainly begot, and yet forbidden vanity,
      Created sick, commanded to be sound.
      What meaneth nature by these diverse laws?
      Passion and reason self-division cause.
      It is the mark or majesty of power
      To make offences that it may forgive;
      Nature herself doth her own self deflower,
      To hate those errors she herself doth give.
      For how should man think that he may not do,
      If nature did not fail and punish too?
      Tyrant to others, to herself unjust,
      Only commands things difficult and hard,
      Forbids us all things which it knows is lust,
      Makes easy pains, unpossible reward.
      If nature did not take delight in blood,
      She would have made more easy ways to good.
      We that are bound by vows and by promotion,
      With pomp of holy sacrifice and rites,
      To teach belief in good and still devotion,
      To preach of heaven’s wonders and delights:
      Yet when each of us in his own heart looks
      He finds the God there far unlike his books.


  3. Thoughts based on random stimuli ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ.

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  4. Well, as a cannibalistic atheist AND a devout Muslim, I find katlick babies to be very tasty and could could NEVER confess my eating them to be a sin to anyone or any god. Hell, eatin’ katlick babies gives my life meaning and my taste buds joy! $Amen$


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