in defense of Judas

When a guy is a snitch in an organization, he is called a Judas. Many times you hear the admonition don’t be a Judas but I think for the sake of literature, Judas needs rehabilitation. Read that passage again. For believers, it is found in Mathew 26. Who even told Judas the high priests were meeting and how did he manage this feat. Who sent him information the priests needed an informant, a Judas, pun intended.

At the table, Jesus already knows one of his disciples will betray him that evening and even says the scriptures already declared the son of man must die. He decides not to be a Judas and make this information public to his disciples nor does he take measures against his being betrayed. It is more like he wanted it to go down that way. At the end he paraphrases Ecclesiastes better not to be born when he tells his disciples that for him that shall betray him, it was better for him not to have been born.

If anything, this is one of the verses in the bible that portray Jesus as a nondescript preacher-man in some remote village. Why, if he had been driving out demons, healing the sick would identifying him be so hard? Is it the case there was nothing outstanding about him?

What was the need for the chief priest to pay 30 pieces of silver when all the soldiers needed to do was come and ask who is the Jesus fellow, that is if there was none among them who could tell him out to the rest.

I think Judas saw an opportunity to make easy money and took it. Jesus had it coming. What else had he come for, anyway? And how did he see it going down?

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16 thoughts on “in defense of Judas

  1. I agree, it all makes no sense at all – and I mean all. 🙂

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  2. Ron says:

    Judas was the company treasurer. Wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more.


  3. It is unfortunate that the scriptures do not have the quality of a script like a Shakespearean drama, otherwise, they might provide a bit more entertainment, and the illogical question did not to be asked. All rationally thinking people know there is not much sense in the whole plot, but the religious man appears to be satisfied with what is not a solution.


  4. Arnold says:

    It had to be a private arrest to avoid the admiring crowd; the timing was tricky. And the Jews must have thought it rich that one of his own betray him. A godsend!

    I’m not sure even Jesus knew it was Judas until he showed up with the throng. After all he was, ‘one of the twelve,’ that ate with him. Anyway, Jesus knew they’d all forsake him–‘the sheep of the flock scattered.’


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