Rights to have rights

Hannah Arendt wrote this in one of her journals and there have been critical works written on this subject. Why are we talking about rights today? There is that small matter of escalating violence between Israel and Palestine which from where I sit looks almost like a full scale war. There is however the disturbing question of the sovereignty of the Palestinian state. Of the 193 members of the UN only 178 recognize the State of Palestine. Had the rockets and bombs flying across the two borders between Israel and Palestine, been flying say between Europa and Oceania, there would be some sort of Int’l action, first for both sides to deescalate the violence and negotiate a ceasefire or something. When does the fighting stop?

Maybe some day the Israeli and Palestinians will come to an agreement that getting killed or killing over a mosque/ temple/ synagogue or trying to resolve land ownership granted by divine right through bombs is absurd. I mean, if one side thinks they were given the parcel of land by god, why not invoke the same god to make the boundaries clear so no more people have to die? This should be possible, no? But maybe this is being ambitious.

Maybe there should be a right not to be bombed. And it should apply to all; state actors, non-state actors and whoever has in their minds to drop bombs on civilian targets.

Meanwhile we watch as people die on both sides.