were you there before you were born?

I do not fear death. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the slightest inconvenience from it.

Mark Twain

I know that title is a mouthful, but you will have to bear with it. But before we get into the meat of today’s topic, is it really the case, as implied in the quote from Mark Twain that we were dead for billions of years before we were born? Is to not exist and to be dead the same thing? To die, I think is only possible if we have lived. And therefore Mark Twain is only half right. And for this reason, there is some reason why many if not all of us fear death or is it dying. The thought of ceasing to be goes with all our hopes, desires, anxieties and even troubles.

How many of you remember what you ate for lunch last Monday. I will wait. Rebecca remembers life from when she was inside the womb. That is as close as it gets to before one was born. I don’t remember much of anything from the past anyway.And maybe it is a good thing. No, I didn’t have a bad childhood. It was just ordinary. School. Home. School. Just like it is for most people.

Do you know anyone with such memory or are you one of the 59 others with such memory and would you weigh in and tell us about it.

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15 thoughts on “were you there before you were born?

  1. I think we fear death, future non-existence, and aren’t concerned about our past non-existence, because we are evolved to be future oriented systems who strive to survive as long as possible. In other words, we’re programmed to attach substantial negative value to future non-existence.

    That said, understanding that it’s really no different than our past non-existence makes the inevitability easier to bear, at least for some of us.

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    • makagutu says:

      I think I generally agree with you. The argument being made is that our future non existence is not similar to our prior non-existence since we have already made connections in this life, have goals and so on and the deprivation makes the future non-existence much worse.

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  2. maryplumbago says:

    I do fear death and I’m getting closer everyday, as we all are. And even though I fear pain or being stuck in a nursing home, what I dread most is non existence. Never to wake up to another day with all the good and bad that entails. Never to have another thought, hear a bird, see a sunset etc. I know I won’t know it intellectually, but……
    And even if there’s some kind of woo cosmic consciousness to come (which I don’t believe), it would not be you and your personal existence is over gone done…


    • makagutu says:

      Mary, I have missed your presence over here!
      I, too, fear death and specifically the non existence part of it.

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      • basenjibrian says:

        I am not all that sure. Death is non-consciousness, so there doesn’t seem to be anything about it to fear. Mary’s other comments are my real fear. Loss of faculties. loss of health. Being stuck in a home. And not really conscious or with my faculties to boot. What is the point of such “living”?

        Now my mom is handling it very well. She is eternally cheerful about her state. But she has my sister (her daughter) ever present and looking after her in a “luxury” facility. I will not have that benefit.

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        • makagutu says:

          Death is a deprivation and for me that’s the real problem.
          I hope I don’t die as a vegetable. I would want to leave kicking n fighting or peacefully in my sleep

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      • maryplumbago says:

        Thank you and I still follow you and a few others at WordPress. I just got totally burned out on politics and the stupidity of so many people. I don’t mind an occasional one and I feel the same about religion. I think most all of us are non believers and that’s good enough for me. I don’t need to hear the crazies and their excuses, denials and outright ridiculous thinking and believing. So I do enjoy the more thoughtful philosophical type blogs with interesting thoughts, ideas and information. I’ve always liked yours, Nan’s and a few others..

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  3. Nan says:

    Such a weird article. And person. And people who believe her story!

    As for death … although we know it’s evitable I think most of us hope that it will be peaceful. And that it won’t come until we’re really, really old.

    Of course, if you have a religious bent (😁), you’re prepared to LIVE FOREVER! So no worries. Right?

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  4. Remembering is more a collection of fractured belief snippets, moulded over time, overlaid with phantasies than a factual account of the real event. So someone who claims to remember might come up with anything, there can be no demand to prove irrationalities.
    I think memories of this kind being a part of self-identity are better to be kept to oneself.


  5. dolphinwrite says:

    One thing I know/believe. I did not put myself here, and many times (looking back), I was helped in ways I can’t explain. Since I was not put here, then I trust that He Who did knows what’s best for me, so I’ll keep trusting all the way.


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