California repent

This is so hilarious.

Judgement is coming upon the Uneducated States of America. And why is this? The evangelicals- the chosen ones of god-, are under attack, evolution is being taught as fact, god has been taken out of schools and the masses have forgotten god.

You want to know what else America has done to anger god? Everything has become political (strange if you ask me. I thought they are generally always are), racial (when were they not?) and taboo (this is the most interesting), there is a love for money, nice cars and houses, child sacrifice (Jeff stop eating people’s babies), and there is sexual immorality (people stop having sex while standing. Sex should only be missionary and for procreation only).

What to do? Repent for the time is nigh. And god is a just judge so he must pass sentence. I though she was also merciful so she must act mercifully by forgiving as many times as we are asked to forgive but then that’s rational thinking.

Brian, California has been singled out to be the worst of all the states. You fellows have singly and severally angered god that the brimstone that is coming to rain on you is still doing weight lifting.

we are still here

and I think Tanya Aldred makes a fair argument in this post about transgender in sports. The argument that most of the transgender are not winning in the women category is, in my view, a weak argument. Let them have their own category and the best of them can win in that category. Creating a category shouldn’t be so hard.

But maybe Brian is right. It is the validation they are looking for and this will dampened by creating a category for trans. The debate will have ended much quicker and who wants this anyway? Let’s muddy the waters. Have transwomen compete in women category.

I know this debate will be with us for a long time to come.

Table Mountain hike

So I have done a number of hikes recently but this was really a tough one. I am going ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning.

I had planned to leave the house for the long trip at 5:30. That’s the time I woke up. Or later. Drove to Ndunyu Njeru junction then drove on an all weather road for ages.

The access to this mountain is nondescript. There is nothing to tell you that you are at the gate. There is no gate. But that is how it starts to fuck you. There is a steep descent into the river, then you sneak in through the fence and start to climb. It is a sharp incline for 2km where it gets slightly flat.

From there you have a gentle climb to the table which is kinda of an anti climax as there is really no signage to tell you are at the top. I noticed as well that wasn’t the highest point though. Did I mention that getting to that table includes walking through marshland and tuft grass that is so thick you can hardly lift your legs.

Then there is the trek to the 7 ponds through more marshland. If you add to this a lost guide, then you have drama. We were saved by ribbons though. And talking of guides, when I arrived at the start point, I was given a guide. Let’s call her Jane. We hardly hiked 500m before I lost her. She was too slow.

When I finished the hike, I was too thirsty, drank water from here
Who sits to rest after 2km hike.
Yours truly
We went through this
Us trekking to the 7 ponds/ lakes
This is still not how high we went
The 7 ponds

On sports

Or on sports and transgender.

For some reason, after solving the world hunger problem, there has been desire by some quarters to have transgender females or is it males participate in women sports and the response has definitely been divided. I have read and maybe some of you too, that these days all it takes to be a woman is to feel it inside your heart and that’s all. There are transgender people who are having hormonal treatment to reduce their testosterone but whether this is sufficient to allow them to participate in an all women activity is a matter of debate.

Now, I have no problem with any one participating in any athletic endeavour. Why not have categories that cover every group. All male; All female; Trans male/ female though I have not heard of a trans male who wants to participate in a male sporting event. Maybe I haven’t read widely, which can be forgiven.

What do you think sporting bodies or organizers should do?

You need god for mental health

So says Scientific American especially in these times of covid related depression. I don’t know what you heathens are gonna do.

I am not convinced though. I think for some, their recovery is delayed because they have been convinced by their therapist their situation is complicated by some spirit for which neither the patient nor the therapist have a way of identifying or treating.

What do you guys think?

I know some of you have been having doubts

on whether you would die too, like the rest of us. Science has the answer for you. Yes, you will die. Death is inevitable. The matter can now be laid to rest, no pun intended. Reading that attached article, I like how they begin

Human death is inevitable. No matter how many vitamins we take, how healthy our environment is or how much we exercise, we will eventually age and die,

Fernando Colchero.

Who had doubts about this? I have a bridge I am selling.

I don’t want to be a spoiler, go read the paper. You will love it.

sometimes you find a post so bad

you actually sympathise with the author. And that applies to this one I have come across today titled atheism: the most dangerous religion.

The first claim of atheism we are told is that first there was nothing then there was something and I think this author has his religion confused. In the beginning, so the bybull tells us, god created the heavens and the earth but from what? Enquiring minds want to know. I know I have read Lawrence Krauss a Universe from Nothing. You can listen to the short video linked.

I didn’t know Darwin was the god of atheists. I was today years old when I learnt this new fact. And how is he our god? By convincing us life simply evolved from non-life. I will leave this here for now.

What are the main teachings of atheism? 1. evolution; 2. nothing to everything; 3. because science says, and 4. “the lack of evidence is evidence enough”. I thought it would be sufficient to respond that these are not the teachings of atheism, that is, if it has any teaching. Atheism simply, and this is a matter of debate some places, is a lack of belief in theism. It is possible after this for an atheist to make certain commitments in fields of knowledge say such as biology (evolution), cosmology. Point 3 is a straw man and number 4 is just common sense.

Now we come to why it is dangerous.

  1. Morality because you have no justification to be moral. The argument being without a god and its attendant threats and promises you can’t be moral.
  2. Atheists don’t believe in an afterlife.
  3. You are unnecessarily hateful- you tear down theists, make them look stupid which leads to Christians being bullied and harassed. And you know what, this is why 1st Century persecution happened and why Nero danced while Rome burned. I am not making this up. He wrote it. And the best response i can think of is laughter.

But there is a solution. Accept Jesus and you will be cured from this hatred.

Go and find Jesus. If you meet him, say Mak sent you.