On names

Recently I watched a very interesting short clip on names. I can’t find it now though but I am sure it’s somewhere on YouTube. The basic argument in that clip is that we have two names or more for administrative purposes. Otherwise we would just be Makagutu of Asembo. Do you think this is true?

The second argument, not made by him but that I have seen elsewhere and I kinda agree with is Christian or Arabic names given to those colonised by these powers is a form of colonialism. And with long lasting effects. Many times I have been asked what’s my English name when it is obvious I am not English. Sometimes the question is what is your Christian name? It looks like we are limited to either an English name or a Christian one which is more often than not a dead character somewhere.

It seems the process of changing one’s name in this country is harder than changing sex in the west where from most I have read, feeling in the depth of your heart is sufficient for a dude to claim female status.

What’s in a name, though?