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It seems the Fed gov has heard Jill’s laments about voter suppression laws being enacted in many places in the U of SA and has finally spoken. Let’s see how this ends. I hear in some states it is easier to buy a gun than cast a vote. Maybe those legislators are sending a message.

I finally watched Forrest Gump. Has there been any person dumber than Forrest, Forrest Gump? I wish I could run as much as he does though. He could run away from problems, run for honour and basically just run. the most interesting part is where a group of lost souls are running behind him and then when he stops, they all fall silent thinking he is about to say something great only to say he is very tired, he wants to go home. At that point, I saw how easy it is to start a cult.

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

10 thoughts on “random things

  1. ladysighs says:

    I don’t know if we’re ever going to get there.


  2. Nan says:

    a group of lost souls are running behind him

    Amazing how (some) humans “follow” without ever really knowing why. (I think you know the ones most susceptible to this.)


    • makagutu says:

      What I have often found hilarious is when one person stops and starts to stare or point at an imaginary object, others just join without even asking


  3. jilldennison says:

    I like to think that between the Department of Justice under Garland, the Courts, and people caring enough to make their voices heard, we can kill most of the voter suppression laws, but … I’m just not sure. The GOP is a powerful force, and suppressing the vote is their only lifeline, their only hope to remain in power. Yes, there are places, especially in the South, where it is much easier to buy a gun than to cast a vote.

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