I don’t like the voice of the vlogger but I agree with what he says in the first part of the video. Could we be provided with a manual for separating what is factual against what is metaphorical in the good book.

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18 thoughts on “metaphors

  1. jeannejam40 says:

    Fact from meta four? How would that be possible when even Christians cannot agree on which stories are real and which are not?


  2. Well, the only “true” holy book is the Quran. Therefor, take everything the Quran says literally and toss the bible where it belongs, in the trash heap, and all will be well with the world! Ah, simplicity! Don’tcha love it!!!

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  3. shelldigger says:

    Mr. Deity! I like this guy 🙂

    I’ve just spent the last 30 minutes wathcing some of his YT vids. Thanks for reminding me of Mr. Deity.

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  4. Nan says:

    I don’t generally watch videos (VERY rarely!), but thought I’d check this one out. Oh my! Enjoyed it immensely. He zeroed in on some GREAT points. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Ubi Dubium says:

    Oh, Brian Keith Dalton! I’ve met him, love his stuff, especially Mr. Deity.


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