19 thoughts on “what do you think?

  1. jeannejam40 says:

    Same as before! The only reason we have women’s sports instead of just sports is because everyone knows the female bodies cannot compete with male bodies!


  2. Ron says:

    Why not just create a separate division for trans-athletes?


    • makagutu says:

      I don’t know why they are complicating an issue with a very simple solution


    • Nan says:

      Maybe because there’s not enough of them since “claiming” is different than actually going through the steps to alter nature.


      • makagutu says:

        This looks to me like the major reason.


        • basenjibrian says:

          No. I believe the major reason is one of the key focal points of the whole trans activist movement is VALIDATION. Their slogan is “Trans Women Are Women (TWAW….it even has a cute acronym). Having a separate trans league would be contrary to that goal.

          I’m sorry for sounding like a right winger here, and I have zero interest n the religious right’s GOD SAYS IT, I BELIEVE IT, nonsense. But I struggle with the whole culture of therapy thing. What we believe is not necessarily true. I question this whole idea of a “true self”, some kind of “inherent reality” totally separated from biological reality.

          Those who are…less kind…also point out the narcissism, the drama, of many trans activists. “My co worker used the wrong pronoun and it felt like I was (literally) stabbed in the stomach.” That is not a rational approach to life, I am sorry.

          What is horrible is how these…MEN…are making EVERYTHING about them. Lesbians who don’t to have sex with a biological male with male genitalia (a “girl d^%k”, we are told) who “feels” he is really a woman are now bigots.

          Throw in the erasure of women, from women’s sports, women’s private spaces, women’s prisons, etc….and we have a problem here.

          All for some vague, woo-woo “essentialism”. Remember.. There are 150 genders, many of which we cannot even recognize yet!


          • makagutu says:

            There is the irony: how are transwomen women?


            • basenjibrian says:

              To ask the question is by definition “bigotry”, Maka. But they will mumble something about female brains and essential selvs and western imperialism and mumble mumble mumble mumble. Just like “sophistimocateddd theologians will transform a Bronze Age tribal war god into some kind of nonsense about “Ground of Being” or (I love Kabbalah) the multilayered multidimensional Sephiroth and its tiers of essences.


  3. renudepride says:

    The situation here is no different from any other. Far too many people allow their personal biases, beliefs, opinions and prejudices to determine their outlook. If we treated everyone equally and fairly, this world would be a much better place. Thanks for the revisit to the topic! 🙂 Naked hugs!

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  4. makagutu says:

    What would fairness look like in a situation like this? Having 3 categories say for athletics; men, women aand trans then paraplegics


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