Godless grifters

I think I like the title of this article. And maybe the author is right.

If you want to have a hero, choose a dead one.


And that is only if you must have a hero or icon. Once they are dead, it is unlikely they can create new scandals and all. And you are likely aware of all the shit that or most of the not politically correct things they said about a certain class of human beings. Living heroes or those who have such icons will be left always disappointed that their icons can be racist, sexist, dumb or something gross and it is so with the fellows in the article linked above.

What are you thoughts on the article.

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19 thoughts on “Godless grifters

  1. a very long article that needs very considered perusal


  2. ladysighs says:

    It was a very disturbing article. My atheism came of age by reading so many of the mentioned.

    I must remember that atheism is an absence of belief in the existence of deities. Nothing more.

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  3. I haven’t read the article, but my overall stance is that it’s a mistake to view any one human as “a hero”. Likewise, it’s usually a mistake to view any one human as a villain. You’ll have far less disappointment in people if you admire them for their heroic acts, stances, or qualities, while recognizing that they’re a human being and will inevitably also have traits you’ll disapprove of.

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  4. Neil Rickert says:

    I was never impressed by the so-called “new atheists”.

    Sam Harris always seemed to be too far to the political right. I never did read “The God Delusion” (the Dawkins book), because bashing religion did not have any appeal to me. Hitchens was impressive with his rhetoric, but I could never trust his judgement. Pinker always seemed a mediocrity. Krauss came across as having a big mouth, but as being far too certain of ideas that he should be questioning.

    I guess I’m thoroughly secular. Neither religion nor religion bashing have any appeal to me.

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    • Nan says:

      I’m with you, Neil. I haven’t read any of their works nor have I ever felt the need to. As for the accusations against them in the article? They’re human whether they “believe” or not.

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      • basenjibrian says:

        Have to admit, though, that Hitchens is one of my “go-tos” for amusing anti-religious quotes. “Celestial North Korea” remains one of my favorite descriptions of Christianity.

        Just like George Carlin, another absolute favorite, said and believed some cringe-inducing things.

        They all fell into the anti=Semitism of the George W Bush era, of course.

        My biggest…disappointment…has to be the cringe-inducing, Nazi enabling Brazilian Trumpalo Glenn Greenwald. I used to love his stuff. I am about as anti-nationalist as you can get, but unlike Glenn I don’t want to see the American New World Order replaced with a Chinese or Russian one. 😦



        • makagutu says:

          I like Ingersoll, Jean Messlier and the works by Nick Trakakkis(?) He is religious, and Michael Onfray among a few others.


          • basenjibrian says:

            Messier is one of my favorites as well. Definitely not a NEW Atheist, of course, given his life during the 18th century, but. Ingersoll is hilarious. I also like some of Bertrand Russell’s material. All imperfect human beings, of course, but…I will investigate Onfray and Trakakkis.


            • makagutu says:

              Oh yes, I forgot to mention Russell. Though I haven’t read his writing on mathematics, just his philosophical essays. None of them new atheists of course. And while you are it, you can check out another American called Joseph Lewis. You might like his work too.


    • makagutu says:

      Funny these fellows have their bulldogs. Any negative press about them is highly criticised.
      I agree with you in general

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  5. This is why my hero is Batman. He was never even alive to begin with! 🙂


  6. renudepride says:

    There have always been many unconventional advocates in any group of people – believers as well as nonbelievers. None of us are so enlightened as we should consider ourselves exceptional! Have a great weekend, my Kenyan brother! 🙂 Naked hugs!


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