On the motivation front

I don’t do such posts because as George Carlin said, who needs motivation books anyway? But for anyone having doubts about what they can achieve if they put their energies to it, here is a good one. Now, my friends, if you are not rich, are not good at public speaking and fundraising, forget it. You can’t be president in half the countries in the world. The other half will not even take you seriously, just saying. That is, even grit and determination will take you so far but one thing is certain, it will most likely be better than where you started.

On the trans debate

Those of you not living under a rock, like say, Ark, know the 2020 Tokyo Olympics extravaganza ends today and it has had some great performances and tear inducing moments such as the athletes who agreed to share gold among others. But on the sidelines, there are issues of mental health that were also brought to light. But all these are for another time and day.

What interests me is this question about these two women/ girls from Namibia being able to participate in future games because of naturally occurring testosterone. What is the fair thing to do? And this is where the trans matters come in. These males have a history of high testosterone and I guess with hormone inhibitors, their range would still be higher than that of the average woman( I may be wrong). Should they compete with women? Should we not have, as we discussed in the previous post, have their own categories?

What are your thoughts?