since sharing is caring

I will share with you some long reads i have come across that some of you might enjoy.

Why do we die? Because sex

and if you watched the exorcism of Emily Rose, this article is a very interesting back story to it and the debates surrounding the actual patient.

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12 thoughts on “since sharing is caring

  1. ladysighs says:

    I just couldn’t read anything that long.

    But most of us are just dying to have it. 😉

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    • Dear makagutu and Esther Edith (ladysighs),

      The NAUTILUS article entitled “Why Do We Have to Die?” is quite well-written, albeit too long for Esther’s taste. Therefore, I shall keep my current comment succinct.

      Death is all around us. Each day, multiple billions of living things die from predation. More than 99% of all species that ever appeared on Earth since life began are already extinct.

      The average lifespan of a species is one million years. The human species (counting the early hominids) has lasted six million years. Extinction is the rule; survival is the exception.

      Even if humanity were to survive and later conquer other planets, there will be no guarantee that humanity will not repeat its mistakes and export its problems to other extra-terrestrial worlds.

      As you probably already know, we are already in the midst of the Sixth Great Extinction. If you are interested, the main issue is twofold: speciesism and anthropocentricism. Until we critically deal with the main issue, even environmentalism in all its diversity may not suffice to turn things around, as discussed in my multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary post entitled “SoundEagle in Debating Animal Artistry and Musicality” at

      Being simultaneously witty and serious about a number of outstanding issues, the said post actually ventures far beyond whatever its title may suggest or mean to any reader, especially in the very long “Conclusions” section. Please note the ISEA Model that I have devised to analyse and describe the Instrumental, Spiritual, Pro-Environment and Pro-Animal/Plant perspectives.

      I welcome your input and am curious to know what you make of my said post.

      Happy August to both of you!

      Yours sincerely,


    • makagutu says:

      Go have it, my friend


  2. renudepride says:

    I’m in Greece with my mother. My spouse, Aaron, joins us Friday night. I’ll keep this for us to read together when he arrives. I hope you had a terrific weekend! 🙂 Naked hugs!

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  3. I just performed 3 exorcisms myself last night. Man, but am I beat!!

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  4. Nan says:

    This part in the story of Anneliese pretty much tells it all …
    Anneliese became convinced of her own damnation and began warning others of the imminent end of the world.

    Wonder where those thoughts came from, hmmmm?

    I also wonder why this particular person was the focus of public writings and a movie? What made her any different from others who very well may have suffered from same or similar episodes/thinking? IMO, it’s simply a “Catholic” story …

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