Maybe it is time for a new schism

I am one of those people who, whenever I can, read anything interesting that comes my way especially when I am relaxing after a long evening run, where long is anything more than 5km.

There has been a bit of pushback since popeye Francis released an encyclical that prohibits saying the Latin Mass unless with authority of the bishop. And some people feel that without that rite, their being catholic is very watered down or something close to that.

The author of this article says exactly that. For example, he writes

For Catholics, how we pray shapes what we believe. The old ritual physically aims us toward an altar and tabernacle. In that way it points us to the cross and to heaven as the ultimate horizon of man’s existence. By doing so, it shows that God graciously loves us and redeems us despite our sins. And the proof is in the culture this ritual produces. Think of Mozart’s great rendition of faith in the Eucharist: “Ave Verum Corpus” (Hail True Body).

Michael Brendan Dougherty

In opposition to this, he writes, the new mass

The new ritual points us toward a bare table, and it consistently posits the unity of humankind as the ultimate horizon of our existence. In the new Mass, God owes man salvation, because of the innate dignity of humanity. Where there was faith, now presumption. Where there was love, now mere affirmation, which is indistinguishable from indifference. It inspires weightless ditties like “Gather Us In.” Let’s sing about us!

M B Dougherty

And maybe it is time for a new schism. You know like how it happened in the beginning.

NB. That article maybe behind a paywall.

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24 thoughts on “Maybe it is time for a new schism

  1. Nan says:

    Catholics have waaay too many rites and procedures and rules and routines to start with so making a change in any one of them is obviously going to upset someone.

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  2. renudepride says:

    Let them do what they do best: blame others for any difference! 🙂 Naked hugs!

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  3. It is astonishing, while humanity is on the brink of mental and physical decline, facing the increase in cataclysmic disasters and food shortages that the ignorant are still concerning themselves with diatribes.

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  4. gccmafrica says:

    Motu proprio is what the pope issued not encyclical. The English missal is a translation of the Latin mass though with some differences n the solemness found in the language.


  5. ladysighs says:

    This reminds me of dining at a friend’s home.
    (When we used to dine with friends before the pandemic)

    We all had to gather around the table, stand and hold hands while the prayer was repeated. (I say repeated because it was always the same prayer … nothing original )
    We were like trained seals. And we gave each other’s hand a little squeeze after the prayer.

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  6. Ron says:

    So you’re calling for a Mass exodus?


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