Writing about history

Karl Marx in the 18th Brumaire of Napoleon said history repeats itself first as farce then as tragedy. Seeing the events of Kabul and of Afghanistan in general one wonders if the end whenever it came would be different. And I am here asking myself whether in another 10 years we will not see the same scenes playing out in semi occupied Iraq?

But in all the madness, there is still room for laughs. It seems everyone who joins the Afghanistan WhatsApp group always left; the soviets lefted, the brits, the French and now the Muricans. Maybe next we will see Afghanistan left the group too. One can hope.

I am no expert in Asia politics; geo or otherwise but one hopes these fellows can determine how their future will be. Seeing people falling off planes trying to flee is sad to say the least.

the religion of peace strikes again

or should we blame this on the blasphemy laws that exist in some of the countries where the religion of peace is the dominant religion.

you must have heard that a boy of eight was recently arrested and released on bail for pissing in a madrassa in Pakistan. Following his release, enraged members of the religion of peace vandalised a Hindu temple.

all these remind me of this video i was watching not long ago where someone asked an imam why Islam is so sensitive to criticism that the response is always brimstone, grenades and death to the offending persons and his response, my friends, that they love Allah and Mo more than they love their lives, families and neighbours that an insult to any of them is an affront that can only be responded to by death or something worse.

the law is so crazy for example

Sending texts, sharing poetry, giving homework, producing films, making footballs, removing stickers and drinking water are some of the acts that have been deemed blasphemous in Pakistan. Even reading the Quran, performing Islamic rituals or calling yourself Muslim is sacrilegious if you belong to the Ahmadiyya sect, making Pakistan the only country where one can be imprisoned — or even sentenced to death — for practising Islam. Where the officially excommunicated Ahmadiyya Muslims are legally barred from practising Islam, even Shia Muslims are victims of state persecution, with efforts made in the Sunni-majority country to outlaw their beliefs as blasphemous. Before the eight-year-old Hindu was charged with blasphemy, a three-year-old Shia Muslim had been investigated for organising an Islamic gathering.

Jeff, it is time you changed your religion to a more peaceful one. Say become a hasidic Jew