a schism i am not sure many of you know of

Unless you are a Mormon or former member of CLDS, you wouldn’t know who Phil Davies, Snuffer, Young or Joseph Smith are. So for a quick history lesson, Joseph Smith is the founder, Young took over after Smith’s death and Snuffer and Davies are among the many leaders of breakaway churches. What is interesting in these schisms can be found in this article and how they tie up to QAnon conspiracy. I think we can say America is the gift that keeps on giving. There is never a dull day from the Uneducated States of America where there is separation of church and state and a National prayer day designated by Congress.

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70 thoughts on “a schism i am not sure many of you know of

  1. I’m starting a QAnon-anonymous group for people who want to move away from stupid and closer to not-as-stupid. So far, no takers. My fellow countrymen are fucking idiots–at least far too many of them are.

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  2. jim- says:

    The original fraud is never enough. It’s funny that the next three “prophets” after Smith did not believe he saw god and that core doctrine wasn’t accepted til 40 years after Smith died. But those in control of the church didn’t mind that one bit.


  3. basenjibrian says:

    Weird how Mormonism largely predates the real development of the “science fiction” genre with its planet Kolob stuff. 🙂 The Scientologists took that and ran with it.


  4. basenjibrian says:

    The article is fascinating. Anyone with a vision of convicted fraud Joseph Smith as some pure voice of gawd is just amazing.


  5. renudepride says:

    If it deals with a religion of any type, I am more than willing to remain ignorant. Isn’t there a myth somewhere that guarantees that ignorance is bliss? I’d much rather be happy than holy! 🙂 Naked hugs, my Kenyan brother!

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  6. grogalot says:

    One part of the story that interests me is the de-materializing the golden plates. The angel or whatever, took back the plates twice before they were “translated”. And, then, poof, gone again… and forever. Where did they go? GROG

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  7. nannus says:

    Reading about such groups, again and again I wonder how people can take such nonsense serious for even a fraction of a second. In order to do so, you have to tinker with, or rather destroy, your rational thinking. In order to destroy your rationality, it probably helps to grow up inside an irrational sect already. Despite what some philosophers where thinking, the human being is not a rational animal by its nature, it can learn rational thinking but just as well it is possible to learn to be totally nuts.

    If you are already nuts (which does not mean that your brain does not work correctly on a biological level but that it has been “programmed” with nonsense (to use a computer science metaphor)), you can easily break away into any direction, so a crumbling into more and more different sects, a creation of more and more schisms, is to be expected.

    There are two different ways out of this:

    You can either become more rational, so you sort out the nonsense, become evidence based and join science, critical scholarship, and enlightenment philosophy. Within science and rational thinking, criteria are developed to decide questions, to sort them out, or to mark some stuff as nonsense. You would also decouple your ideas about values and ethics from a (mythological) theory about reality.

    The other way is to couple a sect with power. A sect gaining power can then declare itself orthodoxy, declare the others to be heresy and use some form of violence (censorship, index librorum prohibitorum, control of schools, brainwashing, inquisition, torture, imprisonment, burning or otherwise executing of heretics, holy wars, etc.) to make sure everybody follows the orthodoxy, and suppress everything else as heresy. Violence of some kind is inevitable here: If you want to build the foundation of a society and a system of moral on a religion, you have to enforce that religion, and that is only possible by force, i.e., by violence, which is intrinsically immoral (but must then be declared, by some twist, as moral and just).

    The first way dissolves religion and ideology. However, there will always be some people who will oppose it.

    Especially, in order to survive in a science-minded environment, sects will develop an “anti-science immune system”, e.g., by declaring science, enlightenment etc. to be part of some conspiracy, to be satanic temptation etc. While in a time when there was not yet much science, religious people could still be quite rational, but now, in the presence of strong science and critical thinking, a religion must destroy rational thinking among its followers in order to survive.

    So, it might be the emergence of a more sophisticated rational science and scholarship that triggered the total destruction of rational thinking on the opposite side. Bring arguments that they cannot argue against and they will react with even more abstruse conspiracy theories and nonsense to keep their followers on their side. Expose the nonsense as such and they can only save themselves by declaring rationality as evil. So, all this evangelical and conspiracy nonsense is a modern phenomenon in the sense that it emerged as a reaction to science, modern historical critical scholarship etc.

    For the second way, there are countless examples in history, from the Roman variety of Christianity coupling itself to the Roman Empire, through the European Middle Ages to the current IS and Taliban. Since the more aggressive sects have a higher chance of gaining the upper hand, there might be a tendency for more and more aggressive and violent religious systems to emerge.

    As long as state and religion remain separate and religion remains private, the sects will continue to splinter. A lot of people will grow up nuts and remain so but we can live with that. However, the real danger begins if such groups couple themselves to politics and power and start to militarize themselves. I am only observing it from the distance of Europe, but it seems to me that there is a tendency in this direction in the US.

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  8. One must not forget, the USA was founded by the European religious misfits, who were evicted for their then already extreme views on how to follow the scriptures. The result is obvious, with the extremism increasing compounded into fanaticism. And where does fanaticism end?


  9. Ron says:

    Another schism? That Jesus fellow wasn’t whistling Dixie when he said he did not come to bring peace, but division.


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