12 thoughts on “When will they close these pedophile rings

  1. This is never going to be dealt with. This damn church needs to be brought down, people charged & convicted, & every cent in their coffers handed out to the vitims, but it’s never going to happen as long as they are kept on that bloody pedestal. They are above any law of any land, so it’ll never be fixed. People need to resign from that church in droves, but that’s not even happening.

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  2. Yeah…but…but….but….What about JEEEESSSUUUSSS!!!???


  3. maryplumbago says:

    Pedophilia is as lucrative as human trafficking, illegal drug business, massive illegal arm sales, police and military corruption and the financial market manipulation and insider trading.
    None of it will ever stop because too many people want part of the action.
    Corruption and greed have always been with us, but we are on a new global level now and it will be our near, if not total, extinction.

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  4. Ron says:

    Oh, c’mon! Give them a break. Papa Francis said he was saddened and pained by all of this “drama” and the head of the French conference of bishops said “sorry” and asked for forgiveness. What more can we ask for?


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