thoughts out of season

it’s almost two years now since covid 19 left China to spread across the world and in its wake, it has left dead bodies spread across the world, battered economies, lockdowns and more lockdowns and of course vaccines. It is interesting how vaccines have become a hot political debate but that’s not the thought out of season.

Imagine for a second that covid arose first in Africa and given the abandon with which countries close their borders for travel just at the sneeze of a new variant, would we have a vaccine by now? Or would Africa have been left to fend for itself- which is not a bad thing in itself- with borders closed until such a time WHO would declare the threat addressed?

While on this line of thought, would such an action result in a change in the way African governments deal with their universities and research institutions? Would there be an increase in funding to these institutions to build and develop home grown solutions to emergencies and disease? Would Africa and Africans learn to ease border travel between them or would we have had a replica of the same where Kenya closes its border with Uganda and Tanzania. South Africa closes its borders for all Africans except if you are rich. And North Africa closes its border for anyone whose skin is not pale?

Or maybe I am wrong. The world would have been open to Africa. Big pharmaceutical companies would have worked on the overdrive to produce vaccines and make their patents open source to ensure rapid development of vaccines and cures for the poor Africans. African governments would realise the futility of silly border rules across Africa and work to ease travel to save their economies and maybe only a few people would have died and the world would be a much better place.

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

24 thoughts on “thoughts out of season

  1. We have lost the chances for โ€œbetter placesโ€ a long time ago. During a short period in the nineteen sixties, when all spotlights had focused on Africa, slogans of good intentions were pouring out from the UN, and the World Bank had a moment of social consciousness.
    Alas, this is a long time ago, and everyone seems to have lost interest in Africa, apart from squeezing out its cheap resources.
    However, the situation in the rest of the world is slowly looking not unlike Africa, and guess who will be best prepared to deal with such conditions in the future?
    We in the decadent, overfed western world, riddled with heart diseases, diabetes and mental problems can hardly be expected to not have it all anymore! Just let’s see and wait!

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  2. Good questions posed here, my friend.


  3. I don’t think the entire continent of Africa could be ignored, for economic reasons if no other. Although there are countries in the world with enough international isolation that they might well find themselves on their own.

    Click to access f_0033044_26898.pdf


  4. renudepride says:

    A very provocative question and situation you have offered, my Kenyan brother. Living in the USA, and given the current tensions flourishing all around, I don’t have any idea of what the reaction would have been. I know what my expected response would have been – but I am in a complete minority within these geographical boundaries. Naked hugs, my friend! Great job! ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Ron says:

    Look, get with the program. The experts tell us that the unvaccinated are the scum of the earth because they are a health menace; so it logically follows that the least vaccinated people on the planet — which just so happen to reside in Africa — should be denied all basic human rights. And anyone who disagrees with this policy is obviously a rabid, right-wing, anti-vax, anti-science conspiracy theorist who watches votes Trump, watches Fox News and follows Q-Anon.

    Now you’ll have to excuse me while I go top up my position in Roche, Novartis, Johnson and Johnson, Merck, Pfizer, and the manufacturers of Zyclon B.


    • makagutu says:

      What got me laughing yesterday or the day before was come comments on a post where I saw arguments that imply it is the leaky and those that have been inoculated that have made the virus to mutate severally. When this virus is finally declared over or whatever WHO does when a pandemic is no longer one, the world will be an interesting place


      • Ron says:

        The economic damage is already done. Many businesses have shuttered their doors and the travel, tourism and hospitality industry has been completely disrupted. Supply chains are broken. Unemployment is up. Inflation is up. Government spending is through the roof and the people are revolting. Fun times ahead.


        • makagutu says:

          And every few months, a new cashcow is born in the name of a variant. In my next life I want to be a CEO in a pharmaceutical company big enough to supply the world with vaccines where a booster is needed every 3-6 months. I would provide the initial vaccine for free and charge for the boosters. Behave like apple. Everything is for subscription because that’s where the real money is.


          • Ron says:

            I like that analogy: a business model that mandates you purchase a regular “anti-virus” update for your body akin to the one you currently need for your operating system. And coincidentally, the man who stands to profit the most from this new arrangement is the same man who profited handsomely from inflicting the world with his virus-prone software for the last three decades. ๐Ÿ™‚


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