Unmaking new year resolutions

Every year, billions of earthlings make resolutions to better themselves, get a wife/husband, a degree, lose weight, adopt a healthy lifestyle ans many others only to forget the location they stored the pen and paper after drafting the above in technicolor.

I used to be like these many people until I gave up the practice and adopted a let tomorrow bring what it will attitude.

It is to those people in the first paragraph that this post is meant. Maybe it is time to trying to unmake resolutions. Go to the unachieved list from the previous year and examine the reasons for failure. Were the goals too ambitious, did they depend on others entirely to be achievable, was there passion in their development?

In doing all this, they will begin to see what really matters, what is possible and what really is very ambitious and begin to make the steps to achieving them.

And with that, I end my self-help blog post. To a great resolution less 2022.