why i am an atheist

No, not me, but Bhagat Singh

It is a long-ish article but worth the time and effort.

Society must fight against this belief in God as it fought against idol worship and other narrow conceptions of religion. In this way man will try to stand on his feet. Being realistic, he will have to throw his faith aside and face all adversaries with courage and valour. That is exactly my state of mind. My friends, it is not my vanity; it is my mode of thinking that has made me an atheist. I don’t think that by strengthening my belief in God and by offering prayers to Him every day, (this I consider to be the most degraded act on the part of man) I can bring improvement in my situation, nor can I further deteriorate it. I have read of many atheists facing all troubles boldly, so I am trying to stand like a man with the head high and erect to the last; even on the gallows.

Let us see how steadfast I am. One of my friends asked me to pray. When informed of my atheism, he said, “When your last days come, you will begin to believe.” I said, “No, dear sir, Never shall it happen. I consider it to be an act of degradation and demoralisation. For such petty selfish motives, I shall never pray.” Reader and friends, is it vanity? If it is, I stand for it.

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21 thoughts on “why i am an atheist

  1. A statement of simplified existentialism, nothing new, nothing outstanding.


  2. jim- says:

    Perhaps nothing leads to vanity faster than religious belief.
    I agree that prayer is degrading but at the same time a key element of folly in which the believer must persist to break free of belief.


  3. shelldigger says:

    I don’t believe a man or woman, standing and holding their moral ground is vanity. Especially with the position that defies religious belief.

    Honor, and conviction, are better words IMO.

    Vanity, is for those who are so damn sure of belief, with nothing whatsoever to ground said belief in reality. The very essence of religiots.

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    • makagutu says:

      Why, Grog, i agree with yiur post. I am yet to meet a theist who doubts the existence of heaven.

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    • notabilia says:

      All religions should be subjected to what you suggest, and more: they should be each subjected to an institutional scientific board of inquiry that documents the level of fraud that they perpetrate. Explicit warning labels about their level of fraud should be legally mandated on anything they produce, as with any fraudulent, harmful commercial profit-making con job, like tobacco, gambling, the internet – whoops, I’m going too far, – politics, – can’t help it – it’s fraud, fraud everywhere, so perhaps we should just try to ignore it – all of it.

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      • makagutu says:

        this would be too strict a test.


      • grogalot says:

        Heaven is an illusion, religion is a scam perpetrated by the mentally ill. Education is the only thing that can save us. Cheers. GROG


        • makagutu says:

          They claim they offer education at evangelical colleges and church sponsored schools


        • basenjibrian2 says:

          I am a bit skeptical that education is a panacea. Who would run such an education? Teach it? Design it? Human beings. And non believers can be as deluded as any religious person. Look at the excesses of the woke faith, which is often (not always) secular. It is a matter of faith that a 250
          Pound six foot+ 35 year old power lifter can decide he is “really a woman” and compete in sports at the highest level. It is a matter of faith that a group of students can worship Mao as they destroy storefronts in downtown Portland.


  4. maryplumbago says:

    But they never think of this…

    If there’s no food, pets (and who’s gonna clean up after them?), libraries, internet and WiFi and TV, then count me out!
    What about great restaurants and bars (I like wine), art galleries, movies, musical concerts ( I don’t want to just listen to harps playing) college and pro football, baseball and basketball?
    And you’re gonna need money to gamble at friendly poker games or horse races.
    What about lectures and meetups?
    And do you get to pick out your home and do you get a car? I care nothing about streets of gold. I’d rather have a country path.
    What about hobbies…woodworking, gardening, cards, art projects, golf, tennis, community service and the like?

    What about sex? Is it just for married folks? Oh wait…there’s no marriage in heaven.
    And clothes? Do you get to buy some…I mean in 1000 years, they’ll be pretty threadbare.

    It’ll be great to see all of your dead relatives and friends and talk over old times and maybe make amends. But, what will you talk about after about 500 years? 10,000 years?

    Some religions say you will have new great bodies. Others say you won’t have a body..only a spirit. Well how could you do anything at all with no sight, hearing, taste, feeling touch and no sense of smell? That would be miserable!

    And I can’t imagine what hell this would all become after a million years. Anything and everything gets old and boring in time. What about after trillions and gadszillions?

    No thanks…I’ll take a good life in the here and now and oblivion and my personal gesture of room for more as I pass away in life’s natural cycle.

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    • makagutu says:

      No thanks…I’ll take a good life in the here and now and oblivion and my personal gesture of room for more as I pass away in life’s natural cycle.

      This is more meaningful than 1yr as a spirit, if you ask me.
      Mark Twain said that man in a crazy animal. He has removed all the things he loves from his heaven.


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