On things local

We have elections this year. There are only two parties. The president’s party and the vice president’s party. All the other parties are somewhere in between these two parties.

I don’t watch news generally. Today i was at my barbershop and 7pm news was on and i realise how our media does us an injustice. That the media does us injustice is not new to me. The politicians onnth vee pee side are loudly telling us the government has increased the prices of basic goods fromnfuel to match sticks. That the prices are high is not in doubt. But all these politicians passed laws that increased VAT on petroleum products, imports and so on. They one and all voted to raise the debt ceiling.

The presidents party is telling their own lies. They are promising things they obviously have no way of delivering.

A robust media must fact check politicians. Must inform the public.

I sympathise with the people who believe the lies the politicians peddle with the encouragement or support of an uncritical 4th Estate.

Maybe this is why i don’t watch the news. It is all dull.

The only important news is that i am a member of a board of management for a girls’ school and we need the help of wellwishers and donors to improve the infrastructure of the school, again follow9ng disastrous government policy that has made it difficult for schools to raise additional funds for development.

About makagutu

As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

5 thoughts on “On things local

  1. Neil Rickert says:

    Unfortunately, the media see themselves as providing entertainment. The old fashioned ideas of journalism are hard to find.

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  2. renudepride says:

    News, bad or good, has no way of being entertaining for everyone. Depending on our worldview, heritage, education, etc., what is welcome for one is disaster for another. 🙂 Naked hugs!


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