Why we sleep

Because if we don’t, we die. I found the article quite interesting and you can either read it or listen to it. I know from personal experience that the days I don’t sleep well, my athletic performance is reduced. It is like there is no proper recovery. And after a good night’s sleep, I wake up ready to go.

And when I read the article about sleep and the gut, it made so much sense at once. I have such a bad feeling in my digestive track when I don’t sleep enough. I feel like I need to leak tonnes of sugar just to get back.

Read it and tell me what you think. Then have a good night’s sleep,

1×1=1 Therefore god

I don’t know about you, but for me, this is the poorest kind of apologetics. I am aware men more intelligent that yours truly have used modal logic to try to demonstrate or proof the being of a god, this fellow right here is taking us for a really long ride. He tells us, with confidence, that until now, faith has not had evidence thorough enough to convince anyone that a deity has brought this universe into being. First, though, god can be anything- a computer program, a force, could be sentient being or maybe not- who knows.

How are we to get from 111111112 to the existence of a god, you ask? It’s through a specie of the argument from design. We are made to imagine a spire appearing somewhere in Mars. That several probes sent to observe this spire all arrive to the same conclusion that this spire must have been designed. This far, the same arguments that are fatal to the design argument apply here. But let’s hold here it for a moment.

Our interlocutor wants us to believe 1*1=1 because it was designed by some higher intelligence. I have used 1*1=1 instead of 111111112 to make the point that this argument is really weak. Am sure, Neil will agree, that as far as math is concerned, 1*1=1 regardless of the planet we are in. That 111111112 gives us 12345678987654321 is not different from the fact that we get 1 when 1*1. And if you find this beautiful, who am i to stop you, besides, beauty, they say depends on the beerholder.

Maybe I am missing something.

In other interesting news, this Nigerian has decided to tackle superstition in his home country head on. I do hope he manages to stay out of jail for much longer. He, really, is the mad man in the market who has killed god.

So I have a story to tell

Yesterday I convinced myself that it is possible to ride the 486km to Mombasa from Nairobi and I almost did. Before you get tired thinking about how massive that distance is, hear me out.

To prepare, I bought 6 lunch bars on Friday. Had my bike serviced the week before, talked my friend into lending me his small safari pump, bought patch kit and then checked the elevation on komoot. Everything was set. I had enough cash in the wallet, 2 water bottles and no phone. Still don’t have a phone.

On Saturday morning, I woke up early, 5:20 to be precise to get ready for this massive attempt. I parked everything I needed, warmed some left over food for breakfast and set off at 6. 7km later, it occurs to me I am not sure I got my wallet in the bag and without it I am effed, completely fucked. So I check the bag in a hurry and don’t see it. Bugger rides back home only to arrive and find the wallet in the bag. That was the moment to not proceed with the ride.

Now that wallet has been located, I set off again. Goal is to maintain a pace of 30kph for as long as it is possible. That I discovered was easier said than done. To cut a long story short, I maintained that pass for 280km.

To ensure that I didn’t bonk during the ride, my goal was to stop every 100km for tea and a snack, refill my water bottles and eat a lunch bar. I did this for the first 100. My next stop was after 70km. Then I did a stop at 50km. And I think the next was after 80km.

I had a puncture while cycling through Tsavo national park. Luckily I had a pump. It didn’t occur to me that inflating a tire to 90psi using a small handheld pump is harder than cholo punda manyuol. I gave up at 55psi which was good enough to support my weight.

The hardest part of the ride was between 170-180km. I almost gave up and then the last 90km were hard, 36km of this was in the dark.

The terrain is good. Flats, gentle climbs and more flats. No drops except at km 90 then it is all flat and boring with only you and your bicycle.

I woke up today to go and get the train back to Nairobi. Fully backed. So I hitched a ride with a driver who was bringing a car to Nairobi from Mombasa.

Next plan, to concur the remaining 150 or so km to Mombasa in one day.

Now you can get tired 😪

On the war in Ukraine

Power play in Ukraine War

I have no dog in this fight, for the moment, except for the fact that 2 of my friends are stuck in Kyiv. I hope they remain safe. The above article puts most of the responsibility for the war on NATO, EU expansion and US foreign policy. Since I am not a student of Int’l politics or foreign policy, I let those more knowledgeable to comment and share their views.

As for me, I hope the war ends soon with no much further loss of life.

Stumping atheists

If god didn’t create atheists, who did?

Maybe you are a catholic or a christian and are confused about evolution. You don’t know whether to reject it outright or to reject genesis. The Roman church has a solution for you. Following Augustine and other church fathers, church tradition recognizes that Genesis uses figurative language and as such cannot be a scientific text that rules out human evolution altogether.

If you had worn your dancing shoes after reading the above paragraph, just remove them. The same church specifically rejects the conclusions of Darwin which insist that evolution was the result of random forces. To the church, evolution is only acceptable if it is guided by an intelligent designer, god. The church having warned scientists to avoid pretentious claims that are beyond the realm of inquiry goes ahead and tells us god could have created human bodies through evolution but immediately created their souls at the moment of conception. How do they know this?

To justify its continued existence, the church then tells us the fall as recorded in Genesis was a real event in time ( curious people want to know the date and place). And following this fall, everyone contracts a sin, original sin, at birth. This hereditary blemish can be cleansed if you get the right baptism, the catholic one. However, this baptism leaves you with some spiritual and moral weaknesses that can only be overcome through god’s grace.

Just in case you are wondering whether Jesus inherited this blemish, he wasn’t because through some god magic, Mary was also born without it.

Any one in business who wants to reap where they didn’t saw for 100 of years if not thousands should follow the model of the church. Tell the people they have a defect. Be the only supplier of the remedy. Embed yourself in their lives, from the cradle to the grave. And make sure they are told about your product before they reach the age of reason and you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Have a sinful weekend everyone, especially those who were not baptised. Your original sin is still intact.