Kibaki, our third president is dead

And while most mediaoutlets are on about how he was the greatest after sliced bread and thermos flask, i am not boarding this train. If there was ever a man who had been given an opportunity to be great and squandered it, here lies on such man.

So, on the positive side, during his tenure, there was increased government spending that enabled the private sector, in many sectors of the economy, to prosper. The economy was on a positive trajectory in his first term but by the end of the second term, it was on a downward trajectory from where, following the mismanagement by the Hague duo, it hasnโ€™t recovered.

He squandered the opportunity to steer the country away from nepotism by forming an inclusive government following the mandate he had been given by the people, instead, he filled the government with cronies and his Makerere associates.

He squandered an opportunity to address theft of public funds from the top by making it impossible for his anticorruption tzar to work. Instead he rewarded those who had been accused of wrongdoing.

By stealing elections and swearing himself in at night, he precipidated a breakdown in law and order leading to violence that exceeded previous clashes that were said to have government support in Moi error era of government terror.

He squandered an opportunity to see the rebirth of the nation, in his first term, through the birthing of a new constitution, instead, we recall the extra judicial murder of Dr. Mbai and many others whose deaths were not solved and will never be solved.

I will come back here to continue to remind ourselves of the failures of his regime.

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

20 thoughts on “Kibaki, our third president is dead

  1. Ron says:

    Ok. But you’ve got to admit that other than those minor issues he was a swell guy — amiright?


    • makagutu says:

      You are right. Man held a press conference, one of the few he held, to tell us he had only one wife. Any other news to the contrary waS false. Swell guy indeed.


      • Ron says:

        Now you need a replacement. I hear Hillary is looking for a job. It would up Kenya’s social credit to claim its first female minority leader. Or if you’re seeking a compatriot with charisma, Mr. “Hope and Change” might be your man. He promises free cell phones for everyone who votes.


  2. I knew his cousin, Kabuki. A whole song and dance!


  3. It sounds like a blueprint for future governments all over the planet


  4. mugo says:

    The selective amnesia isn’t even shocking anymore. I think there’s something about seeing old tyrants being humbled by death that encourages repression…


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