Christopher Hitchens on Free speech

What to do with social media platforms where people can say whatever and depending on how many people follow them, it can explode and spread like a wild fire?

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4 thoughts on “Christopher Hitchens on Free speech

  1. johnfaupel says:

    I would call it ‘mass mind-bending’ and suggest it began as a neurological mutation that gradually spread throughout the world by means of the development of language during the early Neolithic, and supported by new written concepts such as ‘ownership’, ‘authority’ and ‘punishment’ by means of enforced control, even though none of these concepts existed in any of those small, self-controlled egalitarian communities of humans that preceded it. Mass mind-bending is still the only thing that supports its inevitable consequences, namely: mental ill-health, violence and the destruction of the world’s natural resources, in order to prove how ‘successful’ we have become as a species.

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  2. I greatly admire Hitchens and really miss him.

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  3. It was once the Athenian forum addressing the free man, the scale of the audiences and platforms might have changed, but the messages are still the same, to disseminate diverse ideologies.

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